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02/09/10 - HydroTerra manufactures a range of water level sensors, including the Observant L1, which is designed for use in dams, rivers and tanks.
Solinst 101 water level meters
Supplier news
01/09/10 - The 101 model of Solinst water level meters from Hydroterra are suitable for measuring the depth of water in wells, boreholes and standpipes, with an accuracy of 1/100 ft.
Drain cleaner jetters
Supplier news
03/08/10 - The Jetters Edge now supplies trailer mounted drain cleaner jetters, designed for clearing blockages from sewerage and stormwater drains caused by tree roots, sand and silt.
The Spinning Root Rat sewer and stormwater nozzle
Supplier news
29/07/10 - Now available from The Jetters Edge, the new ¼" Spinning Root Rat is a sewer and stormwater nozzle that unblocks sewer and stormwater pipes in no time.
Ute with jetter
Supplier news
21/07/10 - The Jetters Edge are now offering a ready made ute with jetter.
Racejet 5000 jetters
Supplier news
16/07/10 - The Racejet 5000 jetters with a new 31hp Vanguard Motors are now available from The Jetters Edge.
Water management - Hydrosense portable soil moisture meters
Supplier news
23/06/10 - Efficient water management is becoming more and more important for both environmental and fiscal reasons.
Data loggers
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15/06/10 - The CR800, CR850 and CR1000 data loggers have been widely used in hydrological and hydrographic applications throughout Australia and many other countries throughout the world.
Dual 31/31 jetter
Supplier news
02/06/10 - The Jetters Edge introduces the Dual 31/31, a jetter powered by twin 31 HP Vanguard engines.
HSX self-regulating heating cables from Thermon
Supplier news
24/05/10 - Now available from Thermon Australia, HSX heating cables are self regulating heating cables specifically designed to maintain hot water supply piping at the nominated maintenance temperatures.
The Racejet 5000 Drain Cleaners
Supplier news
19/04/10 - Racejet 5000 Drain Cleaners from The Jetters Edge are ideal for use with small to large pipes, from 40mm to 225mm. They are suitable for one man operation.
Water-Gate Flood Barrier from Prenco Environmental Spill Control Pty Ltd
Supplier news
23/03/10 - Based in Australia, Prenco Environmental Spill Control provides Water-Gate Flood Barrier that replaces the need for sand bags. This barrier protects property, infrastructure and the environment.

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