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RAMJET 5000 jetter
Supplier news
11/12/12 - The RAMJET 5000 available from The Jetters Edge is a range of heavy duty jetters delivering high pressure and 24 LPM flow rate to clear stubborn drain blockages with ease.
Stainless steel Honda muffler
Supplier news
19/11/12 - The Jetters Edge offers a range of Honda stainless steel mufflers for jetters.
Double stacker reel
Supplier news
30/10/12 - The Jetters Edge presents the new custom built double stacker reel designed compactly to save space.
Racejet 4300 water jetter
Supplier news
28/03/12 - The Jetters Edge presents the Racejet 4300 water jetters, a highly proven range of high pressure water jetters designed to clear blocked drains.
Custom built trailer with Dual 31-31 jetter
Supplier news
20/01/12 - The Jetters Edge presents a new range of custom built trailers featuring Dual 31/31 jetters..
Slide out swivel mount reels in the Water Buffalo
Supplier news
08/12/11 - The Jetters Edge introduces a new range of compact and powerful skid mount jetters designed to provide extra flow to clear larger lines when using large flow nozzles.
Hand swaging tool
Supplier news
03/11/11 - The Jetters Edge offers portable hand swaging tools designed to carry out onsite hose repairs on thermoplastic jetting hoses.
Skid mounted water jetter
Supplier news
27/09/11 - The Jetters Edge presents a new range of skid mounted high pressure water jetters in a fully self-contained design.
Ridgid Sonde battery powered transmitter
Supplier news
21/09/11 - The Jetters Edge presents the Ridgid battery powered transmitters designed for plumbers working with high pressure water jetters. .
Predator with screwdriver tip 3R1F (L) and Bandit 6R Thruster
Supplier news
01/09/11 - The Jetters Edge presents a new line of nozzles in the Mustang range for drain clearing applications.
Complete heavy vehicle wash water reclaim system
Supplier news
12/07/11 - Mining company, BHP Billiton, recently commissioned a vehicle wash water reclaim system from Ultraspin Technology.
Ultraspin ES15 Water Treatment System
Supplier news
12/07/11 - Ultraspin Technology recently supplied an iron ore mine with a heavy vehicle wash reclaim system to replace an existing coalescing plate pack system.

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