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Anaerobic wastewater treatment was recently applied to the new $120 million Bluetongue Brewery on the NSW Central Coast
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30/03/12 - Anaerobic wastewater treatment technology from Global Water Engineering (GWE) is helping companies generate additional income through green power generation.
Hach LDO sensors
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08/03/12 - Available from Aqualab Scientific, Hach LDO sensors are approved by the EPA for use in water quality monitoring applications.
GWE’s advanced anaerobic technology for wastewater treatment plants
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24/02/12 - A Bangkok-based confectionary plant recently upgraded its wastewater treatment plant using advanced anaerobic technology from Global Water Engineering (GWE).
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22/02/12 - Southern Cross Compressors Australia Pty Ltd offers expert advice on the appropriate air compressor filters to be set up for any operation.
Mutag BioChip MBBR carriers offer outcomes such as extremely high removal rates and reliable process stability
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09/02/12 - Gideup introduces the new Mutag BioChip MBBR carriers in the Australian market.
The 2 SPX50 hose pumps have delivered consistent sludge quality since their 2006 installation
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14/10/11 - The SPX50 hose pumps are an ideal solution for abrasive sewage sludge pumping, auto-desludging and similar viscous, fibrous and abrasive material applications.
Series MBLT miniature submersible level transmitter
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10/10/11 - The Mercoid Division of Dwyer Instruments introduces the new Series MBLT miniature submersible level transmitters for various monitoring applications.
YSI Professional Plus handheld multi parameter water testing instruments
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10/10/11 - The YSI Professional Plus handheld multi parameter water sampling instrument provides extreme flexibility for the measurement of a variety of combinations.
Cairns Regional Council Improves Wastewater Systems with Hydro Innovations
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21/09/11 - Cairns Regional Council has partnered with Hydro Innovations to improve their wastewater systems, especially in cyclone prone areas.
Gorman-Rupp T8A3S-B above ground, self-priming centrifugal pump
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19/09/11 - With help from Hydro Innovations, Moe Wastewater improved their pump performance with the Gormann-Rupp self-priming pump.
Sabroll Commercial Grade Septic Control from Compressed Air Australia
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13/09/11 - Compressed Air Australia presents the easy to use Sabroll Commercial Grade Septic Control, which are ideal for eliminating odours and rapidly breaking down waste in septic systems.
The High Flow MCS Series offers filtration with maximum water conservation
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12/09/11 - The MCS filter series of magnetically coupled mechanically cleaned strainers have been developed for large water flow applications in agriculture, mining and or military applications.

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