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Additives for cement including Corrocem for aggressive environments such as fertiliser stores and full immersion in sea water.
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Hydrostatic head tester
Supplier news
28/11/08 - Manufactured to internationally recognised test standards, the hydrostatic head tester from IDM Instruments allows a specimen to be subjected to a uniformly increasing pressure of water on one face, under standard conditions, until penetration occurs.
Personal protective masks
Supplier news
04/05/07 - VIROGARD protective mask, available from Australian Consolidated Products, is manufactured from high quality non-woven 40gsm material that has been contoured for an ergonomic fit to the face such that is can be worn without discomfort for long periods.
Diesel Fuel Manager
Supplier news
21/12/06 - Donaldson Australasia’s Diesel Fuel Manager maximises the life and performance of medium- to heavy-duty diesel engines by removing water and other contaminant particles without impeding the flow of diesel to the engine.
ECO Environmental unveils new Hydrocarbon Spill Kits
Supplier news
24/08/06 - New Hydrocarbon Spill Kits have been introduced by ECO Environmental

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