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Gorman-Rupp’s ‘eradicator solids management system’
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08/11/18 - A New South Wales Council recently acquired a Gorman-Rupp T3C60SC-B pump for unloading wastewater tankers.
Gorman-Rupp’s T2 self priming pump
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15/10/18 - A major snack manufacturer based in NSW recently installed a Gorman-Rupp self-priming pump to service one of their wastewater pits.
Gorman-Rupp wastewater pump
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04/10/18 - A Queensland-based beef processing plant recently purchased a Gorman-Rupp sewage pump to pump their wastewater.
The plant sought wastewater pumps that could pass 35mm solids as well as offer reliable priming.
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11/09/18 - Another meat processing plant has just taken delivery of a Gorman-Rupp packaged self-priming wastewater pump system.
The range of gravity grease separators from ACO now includes 3,000L, 4,000L and 5,000L units
28/01/18 - ACO Pty Ltd has extended their range of in-ground gravity grease separators simplifying the management of wastewater in commercial kitchen applications.
Tim Webster
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05/09/17 - The Ragazzini Rotho range of positive displacement peristaltic pumps, available from Hydro Innovations in Australia, delivers greater safety.
Small technology promises to clean huge volumes of wastewater
16/08/17 - Researchers from Edith Cowan University have developed a way to modify the atomic structure of iron to create a metal that can strip impurities from water.
Mareeba waste water treatment plant opens
02/08/17 - A waste water treatment plant has officially opened in the Far North Queensland town of Mareeba.
Gorman-Rupp’s self-priming Super T Series pump
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26/06/17 - Wastewater exposes pumps to high levels of corrosive liquids, leading to shorter lifespans and higher expenditure on repairs and maintenance.
Bonfiglioli’s Australasian Drives Service Centre engineers locally assembled HDP drives to achieve optimum performance in particular applications
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19/06/17 - Bonfiglioli Transmission is custom engineering their HDP parallel shaft helical gear drives to deliver optimum cost-efficiency in wastewater applications.
CST Wastewater adds service division
26/04/17 - CST Wastewater Solutions is adding a dedicated full-time Service Division to the company.
SA water management technology has global impact
12/03/17 - A raft of South Australian companies are taking their sustainable water cleaning technologies and selling them to the world.

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