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Waste Pipes

Compressed air, clean, light, inexpensive polymer pipeline systems for air, gases and liquids
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Stainless steel floor gullies, waste water pipes and grated troughs
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Uridan urinals
Supplier news
22/01/07 - Building manager East Asia Property Group estimates that it has saved about five million (5,000,000) litres of water in one year, by installing water-free urinals in a luxury office building in Sydney, that is enough water to fill five Olympic swimming ...
Uridan ceramic urinals – now available from Watersave Australia.
Supplier news
24/01/06 - WATERSAVE has released the first ceramic urinals with serviceable water locks in Australia. These cisternless urinals work without flushing. Until now, only fibreglass versions of the Uridan water-free urinals have been available in Australia.
No need for cisterns, flushing valves, or water pipes.
Supplier news
15/06/04 - WATERSAVE has released urinals that work without flushing. Uridan urinals save money by not using water. They are also cheaper to buy and install in new buildings than flushing urinals because they do not need cisterns, flushing valves, or water pipes.

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