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Warning Alarm Relays

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Campbell Scientific Australia Pty Ltd was formed in early 1993 to provide high quality data acquisition systems, data loggers, weather stations, sensors, peripherals, tripods, towers, enclosures, power supplies, sensor mounts, external data storage and ...
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Spill-stop leak containment system
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27/04/09 - Diaphragm failure of air-operated diaphragm pumps allows process fluids to escape from the pump's air exhaust port. Unmonitored, the spill can be expensive for a company in terms of the lost product, material cleanup, and EPA reporting. Blacoh’s Spill-Stop ...
Flood warning system for extreme floods
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06/04/09 - A flood warning system configured around a Campbell Scientific data logger offers a solution which can be scaled from a single monitoring point to an integrated network of hundreds of stations, allowing users to monitor flood-prone regions and respond ...

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