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Using Your Warehouse Space Wisely

Key components with materials handling are warehousing and storage – the size of a warehouse, how much storage is available, and keeping track of inventory – all add to the bottom line. Problems can arise – being under- or over-stocked, not meeting consumer demands, and having too many items on the books during stock take time are just a few.

Causes can also be for various reasons – suppliers sending too much product, deleted items clogging up valuable shelf space, over ordering by overzealous product managers, or something as simple as an outdated materials handling system.

Getting the most out of your warehouse space is not hard. All it takes is a little foresight and organisation. Some ideas to take into consideration include:

• Make sure stock is organised efficiently. What are the high-turnover products? What items are important, but don’t sell as often? Is the item awkward to move, therefore should it be on a top shelf, middle or bottom?
• What sort of picking process do you use? Is it the most efficient? Barcodes are a good way to make sure all items are in the right place. Disorganised shelves are inefficient, costly and can lead to disgruntled warehouse staff.
• Maybe sequence order picking is the best way. This is where each item is streamlined so warehouse staff can pick products due to their proximity to each other instead of travelling all over the storage facility.
• Are the aisles wide enough for forklifts and trolleys to manoeuvre safely without banging into shelving?
• Is it possible to increase your warehouse capacity without compromising on ease-of-use for pickers?
Using your warehouse space efficiently will save you time, money, as well as keep staff happy.
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The world’s most user-friendly bag palletiser - Terram 1000 (Image: Newtec Bag Palletizing)
17/08/17 - Haver & Boecker announces the availability of ‘the world’s most user-friendly bag palletiser’ in the Australian market.
The longspan shelving system boasts both functionality and style
Supplier news
10/08/17 - Storage Ideas’ light-duty longspan shelving represents value for money.
Rack safety inspections are required to be carried out in warehouses to ensure worker safety
Supplier news
02/08/17 - Paper-based checklist systems typically used in rack safety inspections are labour-intensive and inefficient.
ICP DAS’ WP-5231PM-3GWA-CE7 Windows Embedded Compact 7.0 based WinPAC
Supplier news
31/07/17 - ICP Electronics Australia introduces ICP DAS' new WP-5231PM-3GWA-CE7 compact WinPAC PC running Windows Embedded Compact 7.0.
Achieving rapid payback on your pallet racking purchase
Supplier news
27/07/17 - Storage Ideas helps you achieve your ROI faster.
ATDC’s new Product Selection Guide
Supplier news
26/07/17 - ATDC’s buyers’ selection guide for ‘barrier security door and shutter systems’ serves as a quick reference to their entire product range.
Gareth Vines with the award
Supplier news
16/07/17 - Kennards Hire won the prestigious Variety International Corporate Award for their philanthropic activities in South Australia.
Colby’s range of rack protection
Supplier news
13/07/17 - All ColbyRACK pallet racking components are designed and manufactured in Australia from high strength steel.
ATDC’s security grilles needed to complement the heritage facade as well as enhance the contemporary Asian theme at Changi Airport
Supplier news
12/06/17 - Security grilles from The Australian Trellis Door Company (ATDC) were supplied for installation at the Changi International Airport in Singapore.
The new helipad is better positioned to provide quick access to transport patients for urgent treatment
Supplier news
24/10/16 - Boom gates from Rotech Group Pty Ltd have been installed in the vicinity of a new helicopter pad located at the Tamworth Hospital.
High hoist speeds for Uniton crane
11/09/16 - Konecranes’ Uniton crane will make its debut at the Australian Steel Convention to be held at Melbourne’s CBD from September 11-13.
G20 summit agrees to forum monitoring China's pledge to cut steel oversupply
06/09/16 - The two-day Group of 20 leaders' summit has agreed to the creation of a "steel forum", which would monitor China's pledge to cutting its steel output

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