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Established in 1993, Immersive Technologies is the leading global provider of Operator Training Simulators to the Mining and Earthmoving industries.
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Phenosys Jetball
Supplier news
10/09/19 - The Jetball by Phenosys is a novel virtual reality experimental system based on an air cushion supported spherical treadmill.
Terri Hiskey
Supplier news
20/03/18 - The concept of digital twinning has gained momentum in recent years as more manufacturers invest in smart machines.
Nuvo-6108GC industrial-grade GPU computer
Supplier news
31/07/17 - Backplane Systems Technology announces the release of the Nuvo-6108GC, the world's first industrial-grade GPU computer supporting high-end graphics cards.
06/09/13 - CADwalk, a new virtual reality based workspace design system from Control Room Solutions enables all project stakeholders to literally walk through a full-sized representation of a control room, and modify the layout to suit their specifications.
TechViz virtual reality-visualisation solutions
Supplier news
27/02/09 - The trio of TechViz XL, TechViz Turbo and TechViz immersive range, is also available from Envizage, a business group that is a part of Concentric Asia Pacific. This immersive range is suitable for entry-level to high powered PC-cluster environments using ...

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