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Mini Vibration Probe
Supplier news
23/03/11 - Pacific Sensor Technologies introduces a new range of mini vibration probes featuring a compact design for use with small bins, hoppers and feeders.
GEMAC Acceleration Sensor
Supplier news
16/02/11 - GEMAC’s new range of compact acceleration sensors using 1D-vibration sensor in AIM-technology is now available from CAN + Automotion.
Vibration Sensor
Supplier news
30/11/10 - Measurement Innovation offers the Aaronia GEO series of vibration sensors designed for vibration detection in machines and electronic circuitry as well as working environments.
Enmin Vibratory Compaction Table
Supplier news
19/11/10 - Enmin Vibratory Equipment supplies vibrating compaction tables designed to fill maximum net weight of product into containers and bulk bags.
Marsh Mellow Springs
Supplier news
08/09/10 - Marsh Mellow springs from Firestone, supplied by Air Springs Supply find application in equipment used for materials handling, mineral processing and primary product processing.
Svantek SV100 Whole Body Vibration Dosimeter and Analyser
Supplier news
09/07/10 - TR (TechRentals) has introduced the Svantek SV100 whole body vibration dosimeter and analyser into their extensive test and measurement rental fleet.
Dytran portable vibration meters, Model 4190 now available from Metromatics
Supplier news
15/04/10 - DYTRAN Instruments announces its new portable vibration meters the 4190, an excellent tool for field testing accelerometers, now available from Metromatics.
 T9 Toggle Switch
Supplier news
06/10/09 - The T9 Toggle Switch is an ideal switch for demanding applications, compliant to MIL-DTL-3950
Low Noise Mems Gyroscope
Supplier news
29/09/09 - The G50Z-LN is a single axis MEMS rate sensor with low noise – typically about 0.007°/sec/√Hz
Supplier news
25/09/09 - The new system is available from Australian distributor, Warsash Scientific and is specifically designed for portability, allowing it to be easily repositioned on benchtop surfaces.
Vibration isolation systems
Supplier news
18/09/09 - Kinetic Systems have introduced a new lightweight benchtop vibration isolation system that is available through Warsash Scientific.
Ultra soft anti vibration tape from Gelmec
Supplier news
17/09/09 - This ultra soft anti vibration tape works in narrow spaces. Designed to reduce vibrations and shock, this is ideal for compact electronics enclosures.

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