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21/05/12 - Predictive maintenance based on constant condition monitoring helps avoid unplanned downtime and reduces the cost of stocking spare parts.
Dytran model 3059A low noise accelerometer
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17/04/12 - Dytran presents a range of low profile IEPE accelerometers designed for various industrial vibration monitoring applications.
Dytran Model 3334A1 miniature IEPE accelerometer
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05/04/12 - Model 3334A1 is a new range of miniature IEPE accelerometers from Dytran Instruments designed for environmental stress screening and product response testing applications.
Dytran 3030B4G miniature accelerometer
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27/03/12 - Dytran Instruments has recently introduced the 3030BG series of miniature IEPE accelerometers consisting of two different models, each with a sensitivity of 10 mV/g and 500 g shock limit.
Dytran Model 3023A3H miniature triaxial accelerometer
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23/03/12 - Dytran introduces two new models to the 3023A series of high temperature miniature triaxial accelerometers.
Firestone Marsh Mellow rubber springs in various sizes
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28/10/11 - Firestone’s Marsh Mellow rubber springs available from Air Springs Supply feature no-maintenance isolation technology that resolves problems created by noise and vibration in equipment.
Dytran Model 3315A high frequency accelerometer
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24/10/11 - Dytran Instruments introduces Model 3315A high frequency IEPE accelerometers designed for use in Health and Usage Monitoring Systems (HUMS) as well as Active Vibration Control (AVC) of commercial and
Dytran 3274A series accelerometer
Supplier news
11/07/11 - The new 3274A series of miniature, low profile, IEPE piezoelectric accelerometers from Dytran Instruments, Inc. is designed to mount in spaces typically inaccessible to other types of accelerometers.
Pyrotek installs Sylomer Vibration Dampers in Mitsubishi Elevators to Control Vibration and Noise
Supplier news
01/07/11 - Pyrotek Noise Control supplied their Sylomer vibration dampers to Mitsubishi as an effective solution for the vibration problem in their elevators.
Thermon Australia's HH Hopper Heating Module
Supplier news
20/06/11 - Thermon's HH Hopper Heating Module is designed for operation ons urfaces prone to vibration and provides a heat output up to 4650 watts per square metre.
Hylec Environmental Test Chambers
Supplier news
30/05/11 - The CSZ CV-Series of environmental test chambers provide rapid temperature change rates with combined temperature, humidity, and vibration environments.
Shock101 Shock and Vibration Data Logger
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01/04/11 - Pacific Sensor Technologies introduces the Shock101 shock and vibration data loggers designed for shipment monitoring or laboratory/drop testing applications.

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