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Vibration Sensor
Supplier news
30/11/10 - Measurement Innovation offers the Aaronia GEO series of vibration sensors designed for vibration detection in machines and electronic circuitry as well as working environments.
Sensolute micro vibration sensors activate consumer electronics systems
Supplier news
22/10/10 - Available from Koloona Industries, Sensolute micro vibration sensors are used to activate consumer electronics systems while in motion.
Tinytag Plus 2 data loggers
Supplier news
11/10/10 - Omni Instruments Australia supplies a range of Tinytag Plus 2 data loggers, designed for use in a wide range of temperature, humidity, shock and vibration measurement applications.
DUV30A Vibration Analysis Sensors
Supplier news
25/08/10 - SEW-Eurodrive has launched the DUV30A, their updated range of vibration analysis sensors.
Svantek SV100 Whole Body Vibration Dosimeter and Analyser
Supplier news
09/07/10 - TR (TechRentals) has introduced the Svantek SV100 whole body vibration dosimeter and analyser into their extensive test and measurement rental fleet.
Low Noise Mems Gyroscope
Supplier news
29/09/09 - The G50Z-LN is a single axis MEMS rate sensor with low noise – typically about 0.007°/sec/√Hz
Supplier news
25/09/09 - The new system is available from Australian distributor, Warsash Scientific and is specifically designed for portability, allowing it to be easily repositioned on benchtop surfaces.
Vibration isolation systems
Supplier news
18/09/09 - Kinetic Systems have introduced a new lightweight benchtop vibration isolation system that is available through Warsash Scientific.
Replacement LVDTs for power generation industry
Supplier news
28/08/09 - Bestech Australia can announce that it now supplies exact replacement Power Generation LVDTs, from Macrosensors, that match other manufacturer designs, but at a lower cost and with greater availability.
Micro-Epsilon’s WDS-P60 series draw-wire sensors
Supplier news
25/08/09 - Pipelines in power stations often experience constant extreme pressures and temperatures, commonly withstanding 300 bar of pressure and temperatures up to 620°C.
Vibrocontrol 1500 for vibration monitoring
Supplier news
18/08/09 - Noise and Vibration Measurement Systems (NVMS), agents of Bruel and Kjaer Vibro Australia, New Zealand and Malaysia, has launched the new Vibrocontrol 1500 for vibration monitoring.
Thread Friction Sensor
Supplier news
29/06/09 - Bestech Australia presents the M-2230 thread friction sensor, from Lorenz. This sensor measures the pre load, friction torque underneath the screw head and thread friction torque.

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