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Skype cordless phones and applications.
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Designed for notebook users.
Supplier news
09/03/06 - INTEGRATED Wireless Distribution has launched world's first VoIP mouse onto the Australian and New Zealand markets. YapperMouse appears and functions like a regular PC mouse but turns into a Skype USB phone during Skype calls.
Portability for vibrating motors.
Supplier news
12/05/05 - SERPENT and Dove has released the Mota-Mag magnetic mounting, providing portability for vibrating motors attached to steel bins, hoppers or chutes to assist product flow.
Control system allows online stroke adjustment.
Supplier news
26/11/04 - SCHENCK has released Vibromac 200, an control system for the SCC centrifuge released earlier this year. The centrifuge is designed for drying coal and other granular material.

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