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22/10/12 - Inaco is organising two training sessions on Power Quality and Industrial Plant Maintenance on 31st October in Newcastle.
Micro-Epsilon WDS-P60 series draw-wire sensors
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31/05/12 - Bestech introduces the WDS-P60 series draw-wire sensors from Micro-Epsilon designed for automatic monitoring of vibration and thermal expansion of pipelines in power stations.
Dytran model 3059A low noise accelerometer
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17/04/12 - Dytran presents a range of low profile IEPE accelerometers designed for various industrial vibration monitoring applications.
Dytran 3030B4G miniature accelerometer
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27/03/12 - Dytran Instruments has recently introduced the 3030BG series of miniature IEPE accelerometers consisting of two different models, each with a sensitivity of 10 mV/g and 500 g shock limit.
ShockLog 298GPS event data recorder
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02/02/12 - The ShockLog 298GPS available from Warsash Scientific is an advanced range of event data recorders from Lamerholm Electronics designed for shock and vibration monitoring based on acceleration or veloc
Model 2222C miniature piezoelectric accelerometer
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27/01/12 - Bestech Australia presents Endevco 2222C miniature piezoelectric accelerometers for vibration measurement on small structures and objects.
Dytran Model 3315A high frequency accelerometer
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24/10/11 - Dytran Instruments introduces Model 3315A high frequency IEPE accelerometers designed for use in Health and Usage Monitoring Systems (HUMS) as well as Active Vibration Control (AVC) of commercial and
Dytran 3274A series accelerometer
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11/07/11 - The new 3274A series of miniature, low profile, IEPE piezoelectric accelerometers from Dytran Instruments, Inc. is designed to mount in spaces typically inaccessible to other types of accelerometers.
Flex UV-visible-NIR Microspectrophotometers
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24/03/11 - Flex UV-visible-NIR microspectrophotometers are available from Warsash Scientific
L.A.B. VibraTest-Series of mechanical shakers available from Hylec Controls
Supplier news
14/10/10 - Hylec Controls introduces the L.A.B. VibraTest-Series of mechanical shakers, specifically designed to test products and components to in-service vibration conditions between 8 to 60Hz.
Hermetically-Sealed Analogue Accelerometer
Supplier news
16/09/10 - Bestech Australia offers a range of high performance hermetically-sealed analogue accelerometers from Silicon Designs, USA.
Dytran portable vibration meters, Model 4190 now available from Metromatics
Supplier news
15/04/10 - DYTRAN Instruments announces its new portable vibration meters the 4190, an excellent tool for field testing accelerometers, now available from Metromatics.

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