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SH mounts
Supplier news
29/11/12 - AMC-MECANOCAUCHO type SH mounts available from Vibration Solutions provide high static and shock load capacities in compression with a minimum deflection, maintaining a low shear stiffness rate.
Accurion halcyonics_i4 active vibration isolation system
Supplier news
10/10/12 - Scitech presents the Accurion halcyonics_i4, a state-of-the-art active vibration isolation system ideal for isolating high resolution measurement equipment from disturbing vibrations caused by machinery, buildings or traffic.
Marsh Mellow spring
Supplier news
02/08/12 - Air Springs Supply presents a new vibration isolation design manual featuring simple, robust and effective alternatives to metal springs when solving industrial vibration.
A custom tabletop vibration isolation solution
Supplier news
13/06/12 - Warsash Scientific presents a range of custom vibration isolation solutions from Herzan designed to meet specific requirements of the customer’s application.
MK52 vertical and horizontal vibration isolation table
Supplier news
29/05/12 - Available from Warsash Scientific, the new MK52 negative-stiffness optical vibration isolation table by Kinetic Systems.
Firestone Marsh Mellow rubber springs in various sizes
Supplier news
28/10/11 - Firestone’s Marsh Mellow rubber springs available from Air Springs Supply feature no-maintenance isolation technology that resolves problems created by noise and vibration in equipment.
Elastomer stud mounts
Supplier news
09/11/10 - Gelmec Vibration, Noise and Shock Control now stocks elastomer stud mounts, which are engineered from soft, high damping viscoelastic in sizes ranging from 8mm to 12mm.
Supersoft Urethane Bushings
Supplier news
29/09/10 - The Supersoft Urethane Bushings are made out of soft visco-elastic polymer to isolate vibration and absorb shock.
Shock protection foams from Gelmec Vibration, Noise and Shock Control
Supplier news
15/09/10 - Gelmec VIbration, Noise and Shock Control’s range of foams are used as shock protection for fragile electronic components.
Automotive applications for Goodyear Super-Cushion air springs
Supplier news
28/07/10 - Trucks and trailers can benefit from higher productivity and longer life when using Goodyear Super-Cushion air springs from PIES Australia.
Goodyear air springs for industrial applications
Supplier news
26/07/10 - PIES Australia supply a range of Goodyear Super-Cusion air springs for the isolation of unwanted vibration in industrial applications.
Supplier news
25/09/09 - The new system is available from Australian distributor, Warsash Scientific and is specifically designed for portability, allowing it to be easily repositioned on benchtop surfaces.

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