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Australian made car hoist at Yarra Honda
Supplier news
30/07/11 - Southwell Lifts & Hoists are a leading supplier of Australian made car hoists and Australian made vehicle lifts.
Safetech and CLS develop new container loading system
Supplier news
13/07/11 - Safetech introduces a new range of automated container loading systems developed in collaboration with CLS, suppliers of the proprietary SLC Seafreight loading chassis.
Low profile pitless freight hoists can be freestanding or fitted to an existing shaft
Supplier news
22/06/11 - Available from Total Lifting Solutions, low profile freight hoists have been specifically designed to achieve a low height of just 45mm.
In-Shaft Goods Hoist
Supplier news
30/05/11 - Southwell Lifts & Hoists, a specialist provider of goods hoists and freight hoists supplied an in-shaft goods hoist to the Elizabeth Macarthur Agricultural Institute (EMAI) for their new laboratories.
Dock loading system for speed and efficiency
Supplier news
20/04/11 - Industrial Conveying (Aust) is custom designing, manufacturing and installing a new cost-efficient technology for bulk loading and unloading of palletised products into shipping containers.
Goods Personnel Hoists
Supplier news
04/04/11 - Southwell offer goods hoists, freight hoists and goods personnel hoists which cater for the residential, commercial and industrial sectors.
Burster DIGIFORCE 9307 press fit monitors
Supplier news
24/03/11 - DIGIFORCE 9307 press fit monitors, manufactured by Burster and now available from Bestech Australia, are fast and precise devices that are suitable for use in a range of assembly and machining processes.
Loadmaster End Loader Scales
Supplier news
04/03/11 - The Loadmaster Series of end loader weighing scales have been designed for use as an integral part of a loader that utilizes a hydraulic lifting system.
Southwell freestanding goods hoists do not require a shaft
Supplier news
15/02/11 - Available now from Southwell Lifts & Hoists, the Southwell freestanding goods hoist is a compact, fully self contained unit which has been designed for commercial and industrial use.
Car Parking Systems and Car Stacking Solutions available from Schaefer Store
Supplier news
09/12/10 - Schaefer designs and supplies turn-key, fully automated Car Parking Systems and Car Stacking Solutions on any scale.
Richmond Gravity Flex Conveyors, versatile conveyor systems from Richmond Wheels and Castors
Supplier news
24/11/10 - The Richmond Gravity Flex Conveyors are a versatile range of conveyor systems capable of going around corners and configuring into many desired shapes.
Ocean One recorders from Hylec Controls
Supplier news
13/10/10 - The Ocean One recorders from Hylec Controls, provide the online system for the long term measurement of forces on the under-carriage and the storage and analysis of measured data.

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