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AMS Instrumentation and Calibration
AMS Instrumentation and Calibration supply Industrial Instrumentation and Calibration Equipment to all industries. The product range includes Flow, Level and Pressure Meters, Sensors, Panel Instrumentation and Calibration Hardware and Software. AMS Instrumentation ...
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Rhinoflex Pinch Valves specialise in flow control in applications such as mining, power generation, wastewater, sewage and general industries.  Rhinoflex Pinch Valves and Duckbill Check Valves outperform in these extreme environments, reducing costs ...
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John Morris Group’s Industrial Division is proud to represent leading brands such as the MTS Systems , PCB Piezotronics , IMI Sensors , The Modal Shop , Larson Davis , Sentek Dynamics , Crystal Instruments , Viatran and Scanivalve to the Industrial ...
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Fischer MS13 digital pressure transmitter
Supplier news
09/11/16 - Alvi Technologies announces the release of a new range of digital pressure transmitters featuring a colour change display.
Series 32 DIO-SEALTM wafer style instrument isolators prevent instrument corrosion and plugging
Supplier news
07/05/10 - Series-32 DIO-SEALTM wafer style instrument isolators protect circumferential instruments, separating switches, transmitters or pressure gauges from process fluid that is difficult to deal with.
The DCP 3000
Supplier news
29/01/08 - John Morris Scientific offers Vacuubrands new generation vacuum gauge, The DCP 3000. The DCP 3000 features corrosion resistant and gas type independent vacuum sensor technology.
Laboratory Freeze Dryer
Supplier news
05/09/07 - Martin Christ Freeze Dryers and Centrifugal Vacuum Concentrators are now being distributed by John Morris Scientific, within Australia, New Zealand and the Islands of Western Pacific.
Vacuubrand’s Pirani VAP 5 desktop unit.
Supplier news
11/03/03 - THE Vacuubrand series of measurement instruments available from John Morris Scientific offers a wide variety of gauges and controllers in the range of atmospheric pressure down to about 10-3 mbar. They include battery and line powered, as well as electronic, ...

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