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Food Packaging Systems - Vacuum Barrier Pouches
DFC Packaging Group of Companies
Vacuum pouches that package foods securly, providing more shelf life and better food quality
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Globus Group specialise in Food Packaging and Equipment for perishable food products including Barrier Bags, Casings, Industrial Smokehouses, Vacuum Filling Machines, Muscle Pumps, Maturing Rooms, Piston Applicators, Sealing and Labelling Machinery and ...
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Films, paper and other substrates for converting, packaging and giftwrap.
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Thriving Enterprises is a manufacturer/Importer suppliyng Gravure printed barrier and non barrier laminated rewind, shrink band labels, Stand-up (Doy)& high barrier retort pouches and gusseted block bottom bags for the food and beverage processing ...
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DFC Packaging provides a range of packaging machinery including shrink wrappers, pallet wrappers, vertical/horizontal FFS, liquid/powder fillers, shrink sleeve applicators, vacuum barrier pouches, aluminium trays and decorative sleeves as well as all ...
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Vacuum Barrier Pouches
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06/08/08 - DFC Packaging’s Vacuum Barrier Pouches provide barrier properties, extending the shelf-life of the content, thus enabling a wider rage of products to be packaged. The Vacuum Barrier Pouches are cost effective as the pouch is durable, so the packed product ...

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