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The SEEKERmax™ (87DCPLUS) UV Inspection Light Detects Leaks in any Environment
GO Distribution
From Cliplight comes a range of no-mess UV lights, dyes and kits designed for instant detection of leaks and spills.
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Infralight Technology supplies ultraviolet water disinfection systems, uv water treatment systems,uv lamps and systems, ozone lamps and systems, uv curing and printing lamps, uv curing equipment, infrared heating equipment, power controllers, SCRs, thyristors, ...
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Tenrod Australia is a source for high quality LEDs, and LED Lighting, Large LED Video Screens and LED Curtains, LED Tubes, Flexible LED Light Strips. Tenrod also offer a wide range of electronics components including LCDs and Vacuum Fluorescent ...
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GO Distribution, exclusive agents for Cliplight Manufacturing, have a range of products for automotive, domestic, commercial and industrial HVACR markets. These include UV leak detection dyes for all air conditioning applications, as well as, radiator, ...
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CIR Emitters Dry Inkjet Inks Efficiently
Supplier news
17/09/10 - Special lamps from Heraeus Amba Australia used to dry inkjet inks have helped a company achieve significant benefits in operational efficiency and energy savings.
SCR digital power controllers
Supplier news
21/01/09 - Infralight Technology have released SCR digital power controllers from Para Ente Korea. SCR digital power controllers can provide safety and accuracy to heating and production processes.
Supplier news
15/01/09 - With high-energy Heraeus UV lamps, available form Heraeus Amba Australia, a subsidiary of Heraeus Noblelight GmbH, contaminated water, air and surfaces can be disinfected and cleaned safely. The use of chemicals can be either minimised or avoided altogether. ...
Clean air by Heraeus UV lamps
Supplier news
14/01/09 - UV lamps, available from Heraeus Amba Australia, are used for disinfection in air intake ducting and in storage rooms to produce air of very low germ count in production areas and storage rooms. Ozone-generating UV lamps are fitted in kitchen exhaust ...
VUV lamps in a kitchen exhaust hood
Supplier news
13/01/09 - Heraeus Noblelight GmbH have developed a special vacuum-UV lamp (VUV) for Franke Foodservice Systems. This vacuum-UV lamp has been designed to match the conditions in Franke kitchen exhaust systems.
Supplier news
31/10/08 - Infralight Technology are major suppliers of ultraviolet lamps and equipments. Infralight Technology have recently released the new longlige amalgam lamp for use in wastewater treatment systems. Infralight Technology supply amalgam ultraviolet germicidal ...

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