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Type 4501A rotating torque sensors from SI Instruments
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07/12/10 - The type 4501A rotating torque sensors from SI Instruments operate on the strain gage principle, supplying analogue output signals in mV/V.
Kistler Staiger Mohilo CoMo 4700A universal measurement amplifiers available from SI Instruments
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25/10/10 - The Kistler Staiger Mohilo CoMo 4700A universal measurement amplifiers available from SI Instruments, have been designed to calculate and indicate mechanical power.
ANGLETORQ digital torque wrenches have only four single function buttons
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05/05/10 - ANGLETORQ wrenches are an innovative new series of digital torque wrenches from Kabo and are available through Endeavour Tools.
Electronic tactile torque meters feature an Electroluminescent touch screen
Supplier news
20/04/10 - Testquip is pleased to announce the expansion of their range of tactile torque meters to include an IP64 stainless steel electronic model.
Sundoo HP Torque Meters
Supplier news
16/04/10 - HP Series high impact torque testers, from Hylec Controls are intelligent and multi-functional instruments designed for high impact testing and measuring.
Torque Type 4700A
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08/04/10 - The Kistler Evaluation Instrument CoMo Torque Type 4700A, available in Australia and New Zealand through SI Instruments, is ideal for industrial use and for research and development applications.
The Mecmesin CFG+ digital force gauge
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01/03/10 - The Mecmesin CFG+, from SI Instruments, is a low cost digital force gauge designed for simple tension and compression tests and includes RS232 output for easy data transmission to peripheral devices.
torque sensors from Bestech Australia
Supplier news
08/12/09 - Bestech Australia presents the Chatillon SLC Series load cells and STS Series torque sensors, which are designed to be used exclusively with the DFS-R-ND Series digital indicator.
Supplier news
21/11/09 - EIT Professional has just released a new range of Hand Torque Multipliers to complement their existing range of quality torque tools.
DR-2112 torque cells
Supplier news
18/11/09 - These torque cells have male drives to enable the transducer to be located correctly. A speed/ angle sensor is also integrated in the torque dynamometer.
Digital torque tester from TSE
Supplier news
16/11/09 - Technical and Scientific Equipment (TSE) presents the NJY-20 digital torque tester, from Labthink.
Unique torque test networking system
Supplier news
12/10/09 - Nextech, through its Australian distributor SI Instruments, has recently released the DTX torque tester networking system – truly unique transducer networking which saves time and is hassle-free.

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