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Altronic Distributors provide high quality test instruments to the electronics and engineering fields. Products include Resistors, Capacitors, Transistors and FETs, Relays, Plugs and Sockets, Switches, P.A. and Hi-Fi Speakers, Sirens and ...
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Koloona Industries are suppliers of Electrical and Electronic Components including Connectors and Accessories, Control Technology, Differential Pressure Switches, Pressure Vacuum, Protection Devices, Security, Sensor Technology and Switching.
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For over 50 years, Soanar has earned an enviable reputation by working with our customers to provide the most suitable electronic products for your project needs. Our logistical expertise will also ensure that your orders are delivered to your preferred ...
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DC to AC inverters modified and sinewave, Current Transformer, Voltage transformers, Step down transformers, Switch board transformers, Toroidal transformers, Isolation transformers. DC power supplies.
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Projecta 4-stage automatic calcium chargers
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26/02/07 - Modern batteries containing calcium in the battery plates require special charging when deeply discharged or after extensive use. This is necessary to avoid acid stratification in the electrolyte resulting in a low hydrometer reading after being fully ...

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