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Romheld Automation
Romheld Automation have a range of robotic equipment that allow you to work easier in your factory or manufactoring company
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Romheld Automation specialises in robot gripper systems, end effectors, end-of-arm-tooling, auto change tools, compliant force tools, crash protectors, force and torque sensors, alignment devices.
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A premier tooling solutions company for precision machining. CNC Tooling Systems Command Urma Boring Systems Tool Changers Balancers Presetters Tooling Accessories Drill & Chamfer
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Since 1984, CNC Design has grown to become the leader in Australasia and South East Asia in Motion Control Solutions. Offering complete automation solution to manufacturers and users of Machine Tools and Production Machines, their strength is our ...
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Hepco 1-Trak system
Supplier news
16/02/17 - HepcoMotion helped a customer find a track system that could fit in a constrained space application.
TK DIN/ISO tool changer
Supplier news
31/10/07 - Functional modules are compensation elements which integrate to enable movement in different directions.
ThermoLock Shrink-Fit product line expanded
Supplier news
10/11/06 - Command Tooling Systems has expanded of its ThermoLock Shrink-Fit product line with the addition of metric BT, DIN & various HSK toolholders, 3º tapered nose extensions, along with five new tool changers, making this extensive new offering of ...
Shrink-Fit holder and URMA reamer.
Supplier news
19/10/06 - COMMAND Tooling Systems' high-speed machining demo at IMTS 2006 allowed visitors to experience the difference between ThermoLock holders and conventional toolholders, the benefits of balanceable boring heads, and the difference between single-point boring ...
PushCorp's servo back stand for robotic finishing applications.
Supplier news
16/09/05 - WHEN a robot system is coupled with a compliant servo back stand the result is a fully programmable metal removal machine. The PushCorp SBS-81 series Servo Back Stand combines passive compliant force control and closed-loop servo motor speed control ...
Compliance device, servo-motor, and tool changer.
Supplier news
11/08/05 - WHEN confronted with medium to heavy duty grinding, polishing and other robotic material removal work, PushCorp's patented active force controller makes the end-of-arm tooling as good or better than what can be done by a person.
Big Weld Shaver with auto-adjust option.
Supplier news
22/04/05 - THE PushCorp SWS100-3.7 servo weld shaver has the power and capability to transform a largely varying profile into a consistent predetermined surface slightly above or below the surrounding parent metal. The Big Weld Shaver is ready to take on most metals, ...
Vibration damping for quiet running and precision balancing for spindle speeds up to 42,000 rpm.
Supplier news
01/04/05 - SCHUNK GmbH, represented by Romheld Australia, has released the Sino-T range of toolholders. They cut setup times for metal cutting applications in milling machines and machining centres.
Makes end-of-arm tooling as good or better than what can be done by a person.
Supplier news
08/11/04 - PUSHCORP, represented in Australia by Romheld, has released an active force controller that makes the end-of-arm tooling as good or better than what can be done by a person.

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