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One style means simplicity of stocking and ordering as well as consistent usage by workers
Honeywell Safety Products
The Honeywell Adaptec can be worn by the widest range of workers and still deliver excellent protection and superior comfort.
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Web retailer of Personal protective and Safety Equipment. Main product range includes:- Dangerous Goods Storage Cabinets Spill Pallet Spill kits Hard Hats First Aid Kits Ear plugs Ear muffs Workwear Safety Clothing (including cotton drill and Hi vis ...
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Honeywell specialises in the design, manufacture and sale of personal protective equipment. We believe that providing the right personal protection in the workplace is an essential part of building worker confidence and improving productivity in ...
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Correct training and sufficient safety measures are critical to prevent injuries related to excessive exposure to the sun
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22/11/12 - In the final part of this series, we continue with solutions for minimising UV exposure, while also turning to a discussion of return to work plans for injured workers.
ACE safety glasses feature hard coated lenses, making them anti-scratch
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14/06/12 - ADDLER now stocks the new range of ACE safety glasses, which have been designed to provide safety and comfort while being cost effective.

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