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Thermocouple Modules

Low Cost, High Performance Portable Temperature Data Loggers
National Instruments Aust & NZ
Accurate and reliable Portable temperature data loggers designed for thermocouple measurements, data logging software also available
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PLC, Instruments, Software, Ethernet, Devicenet, Communication, CCTV, PA System.
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National Instruments (NI) manufactures innovative hardware and software products for computer-based measurement and automation. National Instruments' range of products increase system performance, lower costs, improve integration and maximise ...
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ESIS - Your one-stop source for industrial electronic solutions. Esis is an industrial electronics company in Australia supplying a wide range of electronic products for use in industry, business, government, research, defence, health and education. ...
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15/10/02 - ENGINEERS can decrease power consumption and lower temperature-induced errors with the National Instruments FP-1601 distributed I/O Ethernet module. The FP-1601 communication module connects FieldPoint I/O to a PC controller using standard 10BaseT/100BaseTX ...

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