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Australia’s Largest Range of Temperature Sensors
ECEFast make to order a range of industrial thermocouples, float level switches, resistance temperature detectors and temperature sensors.
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Hylec Controls specialise in material, dynamic and multi channel testing equipment, servo-actuators and systems, electric and hydraulic shakers, package testing, environmental chambers and production leak testing.
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ifm provides German engineered and manufactured sensor and control solutions for automation, including position sensors and object recognition, fluid sensors and diagnostic systems, bus systems and identification systems, control systems and connection ...
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Tasman Machinery supply machinery and ancillary equipment for the plastics industry and a range of EDM, WEDM, Machining Centres and consumables to the toolmaking industry. They also specialise in Viatran Pressure Sensors, Level ...
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Particle and Surface Sciences provide Scientific Instruments for particle characterisation services to research, industrial and pharmaceutical companies. PsS Also offers Laboratory services and technical advice.
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Knight Pneumatics are Australian agents for ITW Vortec who supply compressed air operated Enclosure Coolers, Air Knives, Round Transvectors, Blow off Nozzles, Vortex Tubes and Personal Air Conditioners. Also stocking agent for Vicas Vacuum Cups, Ozair ...
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ECEFast is your single source provider for all industrial instrumentation, measurement and control equipment. They specialise in sourcing quality brands at competitive prices, from low cost to advances solutions, they can find the right product for your ...
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HydraTrend urine test strips
Supplier news
10/07/16 - Easy to use HydraTrend urine test strips provide feedback about an individual's hydration status.
Under the terms of the agreement, TESTIA will be fully integrated with all current development and production aspects of SMS’s technology platform
25/03/15 - SMS has agreed to let TESTIA take on an integrated role in the development and production of its non destructive testing technology.
LevelStick Level Measurement senors
Supplier news
02/06/10 - ECEFast have developed a hydrostatic sensor with isolating diaphragm, and non metal wetted parts.
Infra Red Compact Fixed Sensors
Supplier news
27/05/10 - Capable of withstanding 180C ambient temperatures at the compact measuring head, Raytek MIH Infra Red Compact Fixed Sensors have a low thermal coefficient of 0.05% per K.
Gefran K Series extrusion sensors
Supplier news
21/05/10 - Gefran has released a series of extrusion sensors equivalent to their popular M30 series, but filled with NaK rather than Mercury.
Pilodyn wood density meter from Hylec
Supplier news
18/09/09 - PILODYN was developed to determine the density and strength of dead and living wood.
DigiTestor 971
Supplier news
04/08/09 - Wolpert Wilson Instruments DigiTestor 971 can be used for Brinell, Vickers and Rockwell. Its optical system allows for high precision measurements.
Spot cooling with Vortex Tubes.
Supplier news
22/11/05 - VORTEX Tubes are an effective, low cost solution to a wide variety of industrial spot and process cooling needs. With no moving parts, a vortex tube spins compressed air to separate the air into cold and hot air streams. They are available from Knight ...
High resolution and accuracy.
Supplier news
16/08/05 - LASER light scattering technology to determine particle size distribution has led to faster analyses, high resolution and accurate reproducible results by the Micromeritics Saturn DigiSizer 5200. It e
Supplier news
07/02/03 - AEROTECH AOM azimuth/elevation positioning mounts and ADR direct-drive rotary stage combinations provide the accuracy and performance customers demand for critical defence applications. These stages are being used around the world for sensor testing, ...

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