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Why Test & Measurement Equipment Matters

A key component of any manufacturing, mining or any industrial endeavour is making sure that all the plant is running properly. Critical failure of infrastructure not only causes financial stress, but the downtime can, too.

An important consideration is preventative maintenance – and this is where test and measurement equipment comes into its own. It can be a flow measurement meter, a thermal imaging camera, vibration testing equipment – all are critical in making sure your plant is keep in tip-top condition, as well as keeping you up to date on how well your plant is handling its role in its overall manufacturing performance.

Accuracy is a key ingredient with test and measurement equipment, so a peripheral aspect that needs to be addressed is to make sure all devices are calibrated properly. If your test and measurement equipment is not calibrated properly then not only will it give you a false reading, but again, you put your plant at risk.

Whether it’s something as simple as testing an electronic circuit board, or the plant at a high-end manufacturing enterprise, there is a test and measurement instrument solution for every occasion.
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FCI’s rugged ST100 Series thermal flow meter
Supplier news
07/07/18 - Engineers responsible for accurately measuring gas production from digester tanks can depend on FCI’s rugged ST100 Series thermal flow meters.
The new Truevolt 34461A digital multimeter (DMM) from Keysight (Agilent) replaces the 34401A DMM.
Supplier news
04/07/18 - The new Truevolt 34461A digital multimeter (DMM) from Keysight (Agilent) replaces the 34401A DMM.
Michell’s QMA401 trace moisture analysers
Supplier news
06/06/18 - AMS Instrumentation and Calibration presents the new quartz crystal microbalance moisture analyser recently launched by Michell Instruments.
FCI’s ST50 mass flow meter
Supplier news
31/05/18 - AMS introduces a new flow meter designed to provide precise measurement of air during the operation of industrial air blowers and dryers.
Fluke Thermal Imaging Camera Ti125
Supplier news
24/05/18 - Modern mining companies rely on technologically advanced equipment to keep their operations running and stay competitive.
Testo's measurement technology covers all tasks in facility management
Supplier news
20/05/18 - Facility management is a specialised field and it requires the right balance of skills and tools to keep a building running optimally.
KISS next mobile gas system features the FLOWSIC600 ultrasonic gas flow meter from SICK
Supplier news
20/05/18 - The station makes it possible to approach wells and set up equipment for them flexibly, in line with application requirements.
Michell’s upgraded S8000 series chilled mirror hygrometers
Supplier news
17/05/18 - Michell Instruments announces the launch of their flagship S8000 precision hygrometer range with improved features, common user interface and new look.
Nanosurf’s CoreAFM offers value for money
Supplier news
13/05/18 - Scitech presents a new compact AFM that combines functionality and simplicity to achieve versatility and user-friendliness in research applications.
MMI CellScan microscopy based slide scanner
Supplier news
08/05/18 - Scitech presents the MMI CellScan, a microscopy based slide scanner that allows the user to scan full resolution digital slides.
FCI’s ST75 flow meter operates over a wide air flow range
Supplier news
05/05/18 - FCI’s ST75 flow meters are ideal for crowded equipment areas in HVAC mechanical rooms or on the factory floor.
Testo 160 IAQ Wi-Fi data logger
Supplier news
02/05/18 - Controlling an interior environment is a difficult task for facility managers.

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