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Why Test & Measurement Equipment Matters

A key component of any manufacturing, mining or any industrial endeavour is making sure that all the plant is running properly. Critical failure of infrastructure not only causes financial stress, but the downtime can, too.

An important consideration is preventative maintenance – and this is where test and measurement equipment comes into its own. It can be a flow measurement meter, a thermal imaging camera, vibration testing equipment – all are critical in making sure your plant is keep in tip-top condition, as well as keeping you up to date on how well your plant is handling its role in its overall manufacturing performance.

Accuracy is a key ingredient with test and measurement equipment, so a peripheral aspect that needs to be addressed is to make sure all devices are calibrated properly. If your test and measurement equipment is not calibrated properly then not only will it give you a false reading, but again, you put your plant at risk.

Whether it’s something as simple as testing an electronic circuit board, or the plant at a high-end manufacturing enterprise, there is a test and measurement instrument solution for every occasion.
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New 3-D thermal imaging capability for satellites
16/08/16 - Scientists from the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) have developed a new technique for taking 3D thermal images of satellites
Protos 3400 – The modular measuring system for pH, conductivity and oxygen
Supplier news
14/08/16 - Based on a modular concept, Protos 3400 offers a perfect flexible solution for liquid analysis.
Keep cool when buying thermal imaging cameras!
14/08/16 - Thermal imaging is a method of improving visibility of objects in a dark environment by detecting the objects’ infrared radiation
SVERKER 900 relay and substation test system
Supplier news
02/08/16 - TechRentals presents the SVERKER 900 from Megger, a relay and substation test system.
OMICRON DIRANA transformer insulation moisture analyser
Supplier news
02/08/16 - TechRentals announces the availability of OMICRON DIRANA transformer insulation moisture analysers for hire.
Alex Griffiths checks CO2 levels with the gas detector from Kennards Lift & Shift
Supplier news
01/08/16 - A gas detector hired from Kennards Lift & Shift protected workers installing steel platforms in an electrical services shaft at Star City Casino.
The First Automatic Digital Multimeter , The Testo 760
Supplier news
26/07/16 - Across a number of fields, the ability to take accurate electrical measurements is absolutely vital.
Conveyor Take Up Winches for Mining Applications by Vector Lifting
Supplier news
26/07/16 - Vector Lifting has continued to design improvements on their take-up winches with the assistance of onsite engineers and maintenance crew
Kennards launches new test and measure branch in Sydney
Supplier news
26/07/16 - Kennards Hire Test & Measurement follows up the success of its branches at Glandore in Adelaide and East Brisbane, with a new store at Artarmon in Sydney.
The new service locator assists with underground service detection
Supplier news
26/07/16 - Kennards Hire Test & Measure has introduced a new service locator to its equipment hire range.
Elcometer concrete cover meter measures the thickness of concrete cover of both stainless steel rebar and metal pipes
Supplier news
26/07/16 - Kennards Hire Test & Measure has expanded its equipment hire range with a new concrete cover meter.
Vacuum test kit for manholes and sewers
Supplier news
26/07/16 - Kennards Hire Test & Measure has introduced a new range of vacuum test kits to their equipment hire portfolio.

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