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Why Test & Measurement Equipment Matters

A key component of any manufacturing, mining or any industrial endeavour is making sure that all the plant is running properly. Critical failure of infrastructure not only causes financial stress, but the downtime can, too.

An important consideration is preventative maintenance – and this is where test and measurement equipment comes into its own. It can be a flow measurement meter, a thermal imaging camera, vibration testing equipment – all are critical in making sure your plant is keep in tip-top condition, as well as keeping you up to date on how well your plant is handling its role in its overall manufacturing performance.

Accuracy is a key ingredient with test and measurement equipment, so a peripheral aspect that needs to be addressed is to make sure all devices are calibrated properly. If your test and measurement equipment is not calibrated properly then not only will it give you a false reading, but again, you put your plant at risk.

Whether it’s something as simple as testing an electronic circuit board, or the plant at a high-end manufacturing enterprise, there is a test and measurement instrument solution for every occasion.
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Hylec’s plastic mould for casting concrete test cylinders
Supplier news
13/03/18 - Hylec Controls introduces a new range of lightweight plastic moulds designed to cast concrete test cylinders.
Non-contact and maintenance-free sensor for measuring volume flow with Bulkscan LMS511 from SICK
Supplier news
12/03/18 - Those looking to measure quantities of bulk materials on belts can now opt for a precise measuring process in the form of the Bulkscan LMS511.
Luxendo MuVi-SPIM single plane illumination microscope
Supplier news
11/03/18 - Scitech presents the new Luxendo MuVi-SPIM, designed to facilitate rapid fluorescence imaging of biological specimens with sub-cellular resolution.
Thermal imaging technology is increasingly being used in building management to detect problems in various functional areas.
Supplier news
07/03/18 - Thermal imagers such as the Testo 871 or 872 can save building managers untold time and money in critical building management tasks.
Testo has introduced a new practical guide for building contractors
Supplier news
22/02/18 - Testo has introduced a new practical guide for building contractors, ‘Practical Guide: Thermography for Heating Contractors’.
Festo’s linear axis ELGC (left) and mini slide EGSC
Supplier news
12/02/18 - Festo presents the low-cost linear axes ELGC and the mini slides EGSC, which can be easily combined into space-saving handling systems.
GasAlarm’s air tester kit
Supplier news
05/02/18 - Alvi Technologies announces a new exchange offer from GasAlarm for air tester kits.
FCI’s SIL compliant thermal flow meters, flow switches and level switches
Supplier news
28/01/18 - Fluid Components International offers a broad range of Safety Integrity Level compliant thermal flow meters and liquid/gas flow switches and level switches
The Testo 440 IAQ data logger comes in two model versions
Supplier news
16/01/18 - Testo introduces a new innovation for indoor air quality (IAQ) specialists with the launch of a new air velocity and IAQ data logger.
ST51 Series thermal mass flow meter
Supplier news
09/01/18 - AMS Instrumentation and Calibration has introduced a new thermal mass flow meter designed to provide accurate measurement of solid waste landfill gas flow.
VT-iSIM high speed super resolution imaging system
Supplier news
04/12/17 - VisiTech International presents the VT-iSIM, a high speed imaging system designed to produce super resolution images in real time.
Halogen moisture analysis drying methods collection
Supplier news
28/11/17 - Mettler Toledo is now offering a free collection of halogen moisture analysis drying methods that can help ensure fast, accurate and repeatable results.

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