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Why Test & Measurement Equipment Matters

A key component of any manufacturing, mining or any industrial endeavour is making sure that all the plant is running properly. Critical failure of infrastructure not only causes financial stress, but the downtime can, too.

An important consideration is preventative maintenance – and this is where test and measurement equipment comes into its own. It can be a flow measurement meter, a thermal imaging camera, vibration testing equipment – all are critical in making sure your plant is keep in tip-top condition, as well as keeping you up to date on how well your plant is handling its role in its overall manufacturing performance.

Accuracy is a key ingredient with test and measurement equipment, so a peripheral aspect that needs to be addressed is to make sure all devices are calibrated properly. If your test and measurement equipment is not calibrated properly then not only will it give you a false reading, but again, you put your plant at risk.

Whether it’s something as simple as testing an electronic circuit board, or the plant at a high-end manufacturing enterprise, there is a test and measurement instrument solution for every occasion.
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Ipetronik µCROS XL data logger
Supplier news
12/09/17 - Ipetronik has released a new range of compact data loggers designed for applications requiring CAN, FlexRay protocol as well as traffic measurements.
S80-T80 liquid analysers
Supplier news
03/09/17 - AMS Instrumentation and Calibration presents modular S80-T80 liquid analysers from Electro-Chemical Devices (ECD).
Keysight U5857A TrueIR thermal imaging camera
Supplier news
29/08/17 - Measurement Rentals has added the high performance Keysight (Agilent) U5857A thermal imaging cameras to their extensive test and measurement rental fleet.
InCellis cell imager
Supplier news
27/08/17 - Scitech introduces the new InCellis cell imager by French company Bertin-Instruments.
Megger MOM2 220A micro-ohmmeter
Supplier news
23/08/17 - Measurement Rentals has introduced the Megger MOM2 220A micro-ohmmeters to their extensive test and measurement rental fleet.
Megger’s DLRO600 digital micro-ohmmeter
Supplier news
21/08/17 - Measurement Rentals announces the availability of the Megger DLRO600 digital micro-ohmmeter in their extensive test and measurement rental fleet.
GE Panametrics PT900 clamp-on ultrasonic flow meter
Supplier news
17/08/17 - TechRentals Pty Ltd has introduced the latest generation of portable clamp-on flow meters to their extensive rental fleet.
GE ultrasonic clamp-on flow meter
Supplier news
10/08/17 - The GE ultrasonic clamp-on flow meter combines a state-of-the-art flow measurement capability with a low-cost transmitter package.
Promax HD Ranger ECO
Supplier news
08/08/17 - Measurement Rentals has added the Promax HD Ranger ECO to their extensive test and measurement rental fleet.
ULIRVISION TI120 thermal imaging camera
Supplier news
06/08/17 - Scitech presents the ULIRVISION TI120, a new thermal imaging camera designed for non-contact screening of people with elevated body temperatures.
EXAIR’s new Catalogue 31
Supplier news
03/08/17 - EXAIR has released the latest edition of their product catalogue showcasing a comprehensive range of solutions.
Alvi’s DS21 differential pressure switch
Supplier news
02/08/17 - Alvi Technologies presents the DS21, a new range of differential pressure switches designed to perform in difficult and harsh application conditions.

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