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Terminating Resistors

SEW-EURODRIVE is a global designer and developer of mechanical power transmission systems and motor control electronics. Our range of integrated solutions includes: geared motors, gear units, high torque industrial gear units, high-efficiency motors, ...
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H&H Security takes the time to understand your security needs and develop the best possible solutions for both your home and business. H&H Security has a comprehensive range of quality systems designed and tested to meet the ever ...
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SIS Access Control System
Supplier news
12/09/08 - The SIS Access Control System, available from H & H Security, supports advanced connection technology in the form of TCP/IP connectivity. SIS Access Control System has networking functionality.
SEW-Eurodrive’s new MOVIMOT ‘D’ extends the continuous operating power of its renowned MOVIMOT range of inverter/geared motor combinations to 4kW.
Supplier news
16/07/08 - SEW Eurodrive has expanded its MOVIMOT range of inverter/geared motor combinations by introducing new MOVIMOT D with continuous operating power up to 4kW.
DUV10A vibration analysis sensor
Supplier news
07/07/08 - SEW Eurodrive has introduced its new DUV10A vibration analysis sensor to assist in the prevention of unplanned gear-unit downtime.
Supports user-specific configuration.
Supplier news
04/04/03 - TURCK has introduced the Kubler by TURCK line of Profibus-DP programmable multiturn absolute encoders incorporating TURCK’s Intelligent Sensing Technology (IST) non-contact and Integrated Technology (IT), available in shaft and large bore hollowshaft ...
Controller area network (CAN) switch
Supplier news
31/01/03 - ERNI has extended the established bus-interface connector family with the ERbic MAX CAN switch. The new backshell design MAX stands for a diecast metal housing, which is suitable for applications in rough environments and with strict EMC requirements, ...
Quick-contact connectors for CAN systems.
Supplier news
28/11/01 - PHOENIX Contact's Subcon Plus SUB-D quick-contact range of connectors has been extended for CAN-based systems and can also be used on a Safety bus P. The new connector is simply connected without any soldering and crimp tools via double-wired screw terminals.

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