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The EK1818 EtherCAT Coupler integrates 16 additional I/O connection points for up to 12 digital I/Os in a standard Bus Coupler housing
Supplier news
14/12/11 - The new EK18xx coupler series for the EtherCAT terminal system from BECKHOFF Automation integrates digital I/Os into the standard coupler, in addition to the connection of fieldbuses.
22mm pushbuttons and pilot devices
Supplier news
12/07/11 - IDEC offers the HW series of 22mm pushbuttons and pilot devices.
ETM9910-1 3G Intelligent Modem
Supplier news
23/02/11 - ETM Pacific Pty Ltd has replaced their ETM9560-1 and ETM9900-1 cellular terminals with two new intelligent modems.
EL7201 EtherCAT Terminal is a full-value servo drive up to 200 W with a system-integrated compact design
Supplier news
28/01/11 - The new EL7201 servo terminal for the EtherCAT terminal system from BECKHOFF Automation integrates a complete servo drive for motors up to 200 W into a standard I/O terminal housing.
EP1908 EtherCAT Box for TwinSAFE system facilitates acquisition of 8 safety sensor signals directly on the machine or plant
Supplier news
27/01/11 - The TwinSAFE open safety technology is now available to the IP67 environment with the new EP1908 EtherCAT box from BECKHOFF Automation.
Extended Temperature Bus Terminals
Supplier news
25/01/11 - BECKHOFF Automation introduces a new range of extended temperature bus terminals and couplers designed specifically for extreme climates.
GT10 Series Graphic Operation Terminals
Supplier news
07/12/10 - Automation Systems and Controls offers a range of graphic operation terminals from Mitsubishi Electric with high resolution displays and touch screen operation.
Mitsubishi’s GT12 Series Graphical Operation Terminal
Supplier news
12/11/10 - Automation Systems and Controls offers a new line of graphical operation terminals from Mitsubishi.
ETM9400-1 3G UMTS-WCDMA Terminal
Supplier news
24/09/10 - ETM Pacific announces the replacement of their ETM9300-1 and ETM9800-1 cellular terminals with two new models, the ETM9350-1 2G GSM/GPRS terminal and the ETM9400-1 3G UMTS/WCDMA terminal.
Keystone's New 2010 Product Supplement
Supplier news
22/06/10 - NPA Pvt. Ltd. offers Keystone's new 2010 Product Supplement published by Keystone Electronics Corp., a major manufacturer of electronic interconnects and hardware.
ACT-08A low power intelligent access control terminal
Supplier news
27/05/10 - IEI, distributed in Australia by ICP Electronics Australia has announced the release of the ACT-08A, an 8.4" SVGA Ultra Low Power Intelligent Access Control Terminal with 1.6GHz Intel Atom processor.
POSMarket.com.au recognise the increase in EFTPOS terminals in establishments as customers prefer using credit and debit cards to cash
Supplier news
11/11/09 - POSMarket.com.au recommend EFTPOS terminals to merchants as more customers prefer using credit and debit cards instead of cash.

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