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Pacific Data Systems
In operation since 1984, Pacific Data Systems specialises in Workplace and Traffic Safety Solutions (including police-standard breathalysers), Weather Stations and Environmental Monitoring Equipment, Water Quality Monitoring Equipment, Air Quality Monitoring ...
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STI Engineering supplies data radio modems for SCADA and telemetry applications where remote outstations need to be controlled over a long distance. High power data radio modems are used in SCADA telemetry monitoring systems in the Mining, Utilities, ...
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Gencom is one of the largest suppliers of Two Way Radios and related equipment in Australia. Gencom supply an extensive range of products including digital and analogue two way radios, tunnel radios, marine radios, radios sites, coverage plots, telemetry ...
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Pipeline Monitoring with Data Radio Telemetry Modem
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23/03/10 - Based in Australia, RF Innovations provides pipeline monitoring with data radio telemetry modem. This modem helps in monitoring of the industrial equipment.

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