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Sew LengPuah
29/07/14 - Sew LengPuah, a former engineering student at the Challenger Institute of Technology has re-joined the Engineering program, this time as a teacher.
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15/09/10 - Agilent Technologies has introduced four curriculum-based university-level teaching solutions developed to save educators time and help get the most out of their equipment.
MathType 6.0 for Windows
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24/07/07 - MathType 6.0 for Windows is a powerful interactive tool that enables you to create mathematical notation for word processing, web pages, desktop publishing, presentations, and for TeX, LaTeX, and MathML documents.
The Sick magnetic cylinder sensor
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17/01/07 - “Teach me twice” is the new MZ2Q motto. The magnetic cylinder sensor, which fits into all common housing slots, offers two freely adjustable switching points in a single device. The advantages that this “two in one” sensor concept offers users include ...
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25/09/06 - Still struggling with the same business issues as last year? Sales stagnant or falling? Need new ideas for products and services or solve your existing problems?
Suitable for environmental science students.
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23/02/06 - HANNA Instruments Water Analysis Division has released the HI 3817 BP series of test kits for use by educators and environmental science students.
Turck’s SmartPlug control component.
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12/02/02 - TURCK has introduced a new control component - the SmartPlug. Quickly plug new functionality to the sensors and solve control problems on existing installations and without re-programming the PLC. By simply plugging SmartPlug into a sensor or switch, ...

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