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Business cautions against ‘dull’ budget from Abbott Government
23/03/15 - ​Business groups say Australia needs the federal budget to be bold, not dull as the Prime Minister forecast last week.
Small manufacturers need NSW govt to ease tax, regulation burdens: engineering firm
16/03/15 - ​The founder of Smithfield’s ​Ox Engineering has suggested that the NSW government rethink a few policies.
Senate votes down change to R&D tax break
04/03/15 - The Senate has voted down a Government budget proposal that would have reduced research and development tax breaks by 1.5 per cent.
Labor to target multinationals in tax crackdown
03/03/15 - The Labor Opposition says its plan to crackdown on tax avoidance by multinationals would save at least $1.9 billion over four years.
Leading WA business lobby says reform essential for manufacturing sector
08/01/15 - The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Western Australia has made a set of recommendations for increasing the state’s manufacturing competitiveness.
Liberal MP calls for GST on food
06/01/15 - Liberal backbencher Dan Tehan has called for the GST to be broadened to include fresh food which is currently exempt from the tax.
CSL chooses high-cost Switzerland over Australia for new plant
18/08/14 - ​Biotherapies company CSL has decided to build a new, $500 million plant in Switzerland due to factors including a lower corporate tax rate.
​Sydney Morning Herald corrects Glencore tax claims
29/07/14 - The Sydney Morning Herald has published correction regarding its article that Glencore has paid no tax over the last three years.
​Glencore slams no tax claim, provides tax figures
03/07/14 - Glencore has denied allegations it has paid no tax at all in the last three years, with its head of Australian coal providing figures.
​Glencore accused of not paying tax for three years
27/06/14 - Glencore has been accused of paying almost no tax in Australia over the last three years, whilst earning around $15 billion globally.
China considering rare earth export tax increase
22/05/14 - Sources in China are pointing to an increase in rare earth export taxes, strengthening its stranglehold on the material.
Voter support swings towards keeping carbon and resource taxes.
20/05/14 - Voter backlash against the Liberal government policies has turned more voters around to support keeping the carbon and mining taxes.

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