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Proactive Trailers distribute Marshall Lethlean products.  They are tanker specialists and have close links to the dry bulk industry in cement, flyash, and lime as well as food products, including: sugar, flour and starches.
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The Stralis is one of the most versatile trucks produced by IVECO
Supplier news
06/09/13 - IVECO Trucks Australia Limited announces new truck models in the Stralis range with enhanced design and performance features.
Earth-Rite plus dual mode road tanker earthing system
Supplier news
08/10/07 - Earth-Rite plus dual mode is a road tanker earthing system featuring capacitance check and resistance monitoring.
QP402 Heavy duty gusher
Supplier news
14/09/07 - A new heavy duty 4” gusher that uses Kubota diesel engine power has been released by Australian Pump Industries.
Mining pump
Supplier news
05/04/07 - New 6 inch self priming centrifugal pump, capable of moving huge quantities of water in transfer applications, has been released by Australian Pump Industries.
Septic tanker receival station
Supplier news
07/03/07 - Contra Shear Technology has supplied one of its septic tanker receival station to Wide Bay Water.
Supplier news
19/02/07 - Contra Shear Technology has supplied one of its first septic tanker receival station to Wide Bay Water.
Aussie Pump’s water cart for efficient transport of water
Supplier news
08/11/06 - With Australia’s drought worsening daily, the need to efficiently transport water is becoming more and more important. Jim Camilleri of Glenwood set up a 8,000 litre water cart designed to fulfil both earth, work, dust suppression and water transfer ...
An ideal pump for fire fighters.
Supplier news
23/01/06 - AUSTRALIAN Pump Industries, one of Australia's leading builders of high pressure fire fighting pumps, has developed a range of fast fill tanker pumps suitable for fire fighting tenders and tankers. The basis of this range of "Aussie gushers" is a big ...
The cast iron Aussie -- built to ISO9001.
Supplier news
18/03/05 - AUSTRALIAN Pump Industries has increased its production of big 4" cast iron pumps for the construction and mining industries. The big Aussie GMP 4" pump offers flows to 2400 litres a minute and heads up to 45 metres.
Can be used on vessels and tanks with openings as narrow as 152mm in diameter.
Supplier news
08/09/04 - SPRAYING Systems has released the UltraClean Tank Machine, a tank cleaning device that is more economical than manual cleaning procedures.
Glass filled polypropylene pilot operated solenoid valve.
Supplier news
20/10/03 - BACCARA’s Gem sol Geva 80 series of glass filled polypropylene pilot operated solenoid valves is available in all voltages with a low power consumption coil and a rectangular din plug.
Supplier news
18/07/02 - BRAIN Industries has added a third option of contain, haul and dump to its hire fleet of compressed air-operated sludge and solids suckers, made possible by the newly developed MPV (multi purpose vehicle) self filling tanker.

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