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Pacific Sensor Technologies
Milwaukee supply the world with instrumentation for the aquarium/aquaculture, Hydroponics, Water Quality, Wine Making. Agriculture, Education and Laboratory industries
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Sales and service of instruments.
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Handheld and portable testing equipment for aqueous solutions.
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Pacific Sensor Technologies are suppliers of process control, industrial and scientific instrumentation. Products include transmitters, sensors and data loggers for temperature, humidity, pressure, level and water quality instruments plus for shock and ...
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These bench top meters measure AC/DC voltage and current
Supplier news
25/09/12 - The Time Electronics 5075 model of bench top meters from Emona Instruments measures small signals without using the 6½ or 7½ digit resolution mode.
MW801 entry level 3 in 1 pH conductivity TDS meter
Supplier news
09/03/12 - Pacific Sensor Technologies presents an entry level range of 3 in 1 water quality instruments designed to test pH, conductivity and TDS measurements.
Wilden Pro-Flo X Stallion Pumps
Supplier news
02/08/10 - Integrity Pumps and Engineering introduces the Wilden Pro-Flo X Stallion series of pumps designed to offer durability, portability and ease of maintenance in mining applications.
Data Logging Meter
Supplier news
02/08/10 - Pacific Sensor Technologies is pleased to announce the release of the Milwaukee Meters Mi306 waterproof portable data logging conductivity/ TDS/ NaCl/ temperature meter.
Mi170 Auto ranging Conductivity TDS NaCl Temperature Laboratory Bench Meter
Supplier news
14/04/10 - Pacific Sensor Technologies supplies process control, industrial and scientific instrumentation. Thier Mi170 Auto ranging Conductivity TDS NaCl Temperature Laboratory Bench Meter measures 4 different parameters such as EC, TDS (Total Dissolved Solids), ...
Supplier news
31/03/06 - MILWAUKEE Meters has introduced simple one-point multi-purpose Conductivity and TDS calibration testers. The Conductivity and TDS meters are built in a one piece splash proof casing and they are immersible up to the LCD.

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