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Precision accuracy and safety is achieved with EVO Synchronous Lifting System
Enerpac (A Division of Actuant Corp)
EVO Hydraulic Synchronous Heavy Lifting Systems offers safety, efficiency and accuracy for a variety of industrial uses.
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Enerpac is a division of Actuant, Inc. and is the recognised global leader in high-force tools and equipment used in industrial markets. Enerpac have combined decades of experience in hydraulics with the versatility of other force-generating technologies ...
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Strand jack systems exert pulling force like an enormously powerful and precise linear winch.
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13/03/16 - Enerpac is introducing advanced bridge launching technology and crane stability assistance systems to Australasia.
The Enerpac SBL1100 that Mr Silveri operated to lift a 400 tonne test load
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03/12/14 - High-pressure hydraulic technology specialist Enerpac has appointed Mr Rob Silveri as its new Australia/New Zealand Integrated Solutions Manager.
The 109.4 ton transformer weighed before its trip to India has its tonnage exactly verified by the Enerpac EVO hydraulic synchronous lifting system
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01/12/14 - A transformer manufacturer saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in freight by using an Enerpac EVO synchronous lifting system.
Enerpac SyncHoist technology is used in bridge building, shipbuilding and infrastructure
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18/08/14 - Enerpac has introduced a new wireless load positioning system designed to enhance crane performance and safety at reduced costs.
One of the Riverwalk’s concrete elements is suspended from the SyncHoist’s four yellow hydraulic lifting points
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18/08/14 - Synchronous lifting technology from Enerpac was deployed in a new wireless-controlled version at the prestigious Brisbane Riverwalk project.
Enerpac bolting tools
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09/07/14 - Enerpac (A Division of Actuant Corp) will be focussing on efficiency and safety at the 2014 Queensland Mining Exhibition (QME) in Mackay from July 22-24.
Enerpac Professional Bolting Manager Pat Molloy, right foreground, was among those presenting to members of Metso’s engineering team
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10/06/14 - A team from Enerpac met up with the engineering staff at Metso Mining and Construction to discuss the latest advances in industrial tooling.
An Enerpac tower lift system, combined with, at ground level, an Enerpac skidding system
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12/03/14 - Enerpac presents a new self-erecting tower lift system that enables users to build a freestanding hydraulic strand jacking gantry.
Twenty-two 100 ton and 150 ton Enerpac 700 bar cylinders were installed on steel stools and connected to the building’s foundation
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26/02/14 - Sync Lift Systems Ltd deployed an Enerpac EVO synchronous lifting system to safely raise, re-level and restore an entire 2,800 ton three-storey building.
The Enerpac EVO Synchronous Lifting System prepares to launch Alice
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19/02/14 - An Enerpac EVO synchronous lifting system is providing a helping hand to the largest tunnel boring machine ever deployed in the Southern Hemisphere.
Evo-8 Synchronous Lifting System, shown here with double-acting cylinders and draw wire stroke sensors
Supplier news
13/08/13 - Enerpac (A Division of Actuant Corp) introduces a new generation synchronous lifting system that offers accuracy and safety for challenging jobs of up to 192 lift points.
Hoisting operating control tower sections of the 28,000 tonne Landing Helicopter Deck vessels being built by BAE Systems Australia
Supplier news
08/04/13 - A high precision SyncHoist system from Enerpac (A Division of Actuant Corp) has been successfully deployed by heavy lift and transport specialists Universal Cranes on a projec

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