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UPS maintenance bypass switches
Supplier news
02/02/12 - Maintenance bypass switches from Kraus & Naimer are designed to isolate UPS systems without interrupting the power source to allow safe servicing by maintenance personnel.
VBS vibration switches
Supplier news
27/01/12 - Dwyer Instruments Pty Ltd is to release its new series VBS vibration switches.
Magnasphere L2C sensor switch
Supplier news
13/12/11 - Available from Koloona Industries, the Magnasphere L2C series sensor switches based on advanced sensor technology are suitable for several private and commercial security applications.
ISO plugs and sockets
Supplier news
07/12/11 - NHP Electrical Engineering Products introduces a new range of 3 Round Pin, 20 + 32 amp single phase straight plugs, socket outlets, combination switched socket outlets and surface switches to their qu
Lightweight aerospace switches
Supplier news
06/12/11 - Koloona Industries introduces a new range of lightweight aerospace switches to its expanded range of pressure, vacuum and differential pressure switch products.
C200-4 control and load switch range from Kraus & Naimer
Supplier news
06/12/11 - Kraus & Naimer presents the C200-4 control and load switch and their range of models for all current ratings and cam switch applications.
TA35 circuit breakers are available in various standard legends and customer specific symbols
Supplier news
15/11/11 - Koloona Industries presents their popular TA35 series 2-pole circuit breakers with factory mounted protection covers.
Metal switches with extended blue illumination
Supplier news
14/11/11 - Koloona Industries presents MSM metal switches from Schurter featuring extended illumination colours and integrated series resistors.
Linemaster's new wired linear footswitch
Supplier news
07/11/11 - Switches Plus Components presents a new range of wired linear footswitches that combine advanced technology with a classic appearance.
Ecoswitch energy saving switch from ANL Lighting Australia
Supplier news
03/11/11 - ANL Lighting Australia proudly presents their award-winning Ecoswitch energy saving switch that can help households significantly reduce their use of electricity.
Kontron CP6930-RM rackmount switch
Supplier news
21/10/11 - Kontron Australia announces the introduction of its new powerful 10 Gigabit Ethernet rackmount switches featuring up to 32 ports.
Hirschmann’s basic IP67 managed switch
Supplier news
17/10/11 - Belden has introduced an entry level version of the OS20 series to its Hirschmann product range of OCTOPUS IP67 managed switches.

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