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Sushi Roll Making Machines

Autec ASM880CE Maki Robot
Sushi Machines
Sushi robots can produce a number of different kinds of sushi rolls, of different lengths, with a variety of fillings, quickly and expertly.
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Sushi Machines
We have owned and operated several sushi retail stores and were a wholesale supplier to more than 300 outlets including food services companies such as Sodexho, Delarware North and Spotless. Under the brand JAS Sushi, we have also run Kaiten Sushi (conveyor ...
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Joseph Lee & Co., Pty. Ltd. is qualified and accepted by Australia Packaging and Machinery Association (APMA) as a full membership since 1994, they also specialise in sushi machine products such as Automatic Sushi (Rice Ball) Machine / Robot, Automatic ...
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Suzumo SGP-SNA compact sushi wrapping machines
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29/11/10 - Suzumo SGP-SNA compact sushi wrapping machines from Joseph Lee & Co have the capacity to wrap between 1000-2000 pieces of sushi per hour.
Intro to Autec Kitchen Equipment
Produced by Audio-Technica Japan with more than 50 years of experience in business, Autec sushi robot is of the highest quality sushi machine, yet the most affordable automated sushi system among top brands Japanese sushi robot manufacturers.
Sushi Machines
ASM250 Norimaki Cutter
Safety mechanism prevents exposing sharp blades. Produces clean and sharply cut norimaki. Highly portable with no electrical power required. Very sturdy blades for a long life usage.
Sushi Machines
ASM835 Norimaki Maker
The ASM835 is the fastest Rice Sheeter on the world market....it can make a Rice Sheet in 3 seconds. Its high tech design has many unique features such as Auto rice sheeting - a new rice sheet will be formed once the current one is removed. It also has ...
Sushi Machines
ASM880 Norimaki Maker
The ASM880 is the most inexpensive machine in its class and is a incredibly fast sushi roll maker with the skill of a master sushi chef. Featuring a new sleek design. Its uses very few parts and is easy to disassemble and clean. Saving you time and labour.
Sushi Machines
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Sushi Machines

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