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Austeam Appliances provide their customers a range of products and services, these include ironing systems, steam cleaners, coffee machines, steam vacuums and domestic appliances. This company is located in Ermington, NSW.
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Cleaning machines for all hardfloors and carpet, steam machines for degreasing and detailing.
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JetVac Industrial 3 phase steam vacuum cleaner
Supplier news
16/04/09 - Industries like food processing and food production require daily hygienic cleaning and decontamination of equipment, production lines and conveyors. To complete such requirements traditional cleaning
Floor cleaning products
Supplier news
03/02/09 - Duplex Cleaning Machines are cleaning equipment suppliers of European cleaning machines. Duplex Cleaning Machines supply a range of cleaning products that consist of steam cleaners, carpet cleaners, hard floor scrubbers, steam vacuums, steam mops, high ...
Floor cleaning equipment
Supplier news
03/11/08 - Duplex Cleaning Machines stock a wide range of commercial and industrial cleaning equipment. The Duplex cleaning equipment range consists of battery powered walk behind floor scrubbers, all surface floor scrubbers, compact continuous steam cleaners, ...
Tecnovap Steam Box range
Supplier news
18/01/08 - Tecnovap Steam Box range consists of a variety of high pressure box shaped steam generators and steam vacuums.
Steam cleaners
Supplier news
05/12/07 - The Duplex steam product range consists of single phase steam generators, three phase generators and steam vacuums that range from 4-12 bar steam pressure.

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