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Stainless Steel Pistons

Hollow Piston Cylinders
Larzep Australia
Larzep's single acting cylinders designed for commercial and industrial applications
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Australian Pump Industries
Australian Pump Industries provide first class products and support in pump and cleaning products. Their product range includes a vast range of pumps, cleaning equipment, hydrostatic testers, ag spray and total defense support. Based in Baulkham Hills, ...
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Larzep Australia is a leading manufacturer of high pressure hydraulic equipment. Their product range covers cylinders, pumps, powered pumps, presses, cable cutters, pipe benders, bottle jacks, and many more items. Larzep Australia operates through ...
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Greymac sell a range of pressure washers and electric and pressure driven tank and barrel cleaners. We service most brands of pressure washers and industrial high pressure cleaning equipment and carry a wide range of spare parts for these pumps and machines.
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Custom Fluidpower is a wholly Australian owned company, offering a combination of hydraulic pumps, pneumatic and lubrication products and services in the agricultural, aerospace, exploration, industrial, marine, mobile, mining and material ...
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Australian Pump Industries introduces new pressure cleaner
Supplier news
24/08/06 - A new low cost, high quality, domestic style pressure cleaner, called the Aussie Eco Clean H112, has been released by Australian Pump Industries
Aussie Pumps Cassie Fake says the H112 is a real high pressure winner.
Supplier news
03/05/06 - A NEW low cost, high quality, domestic style pressure cleaner has been released by Australian Pump Industries. Called the Aussie Eco Clean H112 the new model offers huge water savings when used on normal domestic cleaning chores.
New Aussie Bilby Mark II comes complete with hose reel and 30m of high pressure hose.
Supplier news
28/04/06 - AUSTRALIAN Pump Industries has declared war on weed infestation with the launch of the new Bilby Mark II packaged ag spray kit. The Bilby consists of a Honda powered high tech 25bar sprayer (360psi) mounted on a 200L UV stabilised tank.
The EZ-mix VR meter-mix dispense system.
Supplier news
06/02/06 - THE US-based DTIC Dispensing Technologies, represented by Svenic Australia, has introduced a powerful, fully automated meter-mix dispense system for highly abrasive and viscous materials (>1 million CPS) that can be connected to any size reservoir and ...
John Hales believes the Aussie Spray-It Plus Reel is the spray bargain of the year.
Supplier news
11/10/05 - AUSTRALIAN Pump Industries has launched a unique high pressure spot spray kit with its own integrated hose reel and 30m of high pressure hose. Called the Aussie Spray-It Plus Reel, the new spray rig is ideal for spring weed control or pasture protection. ...
Powered by a 3.5 horse power engine.
Supplier news
31/01/05 - CORMACK Anest Iwata has released Airlessco's airless paint sprayers/stripers.
Airlessco airless spray pump system.
Supplier news
08/08/01 - THE Airlessco range of airless spray pump systems has been released by Cormack Anest Iwata (CAI), exclusive Australian distributors.

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