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Stainless Steel Modular Conveyors

Restaurant and Automation Specialists (formerly Infovsion Consulting Group) are suppliers of Modu sushi trains, robots, plates and covers. Restaurant and Automation Specialists design and build sushi restaurants/kiosks and provide support training ...
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Bag formers, formers, and forming collars for vffs bag makers. Bag forming tools. ADM Packaging Technology offers a range of custom designed and manufactured forming shoulder tools for vertical form seal machines. The different models are available to ...
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MODU D Series modular conveyors are manufactured from stainless steel
Supplier news
18/05/11 - Available from Restaurant & Automation Specialists, MODU D Series modular conveyors ideal for use in industries that require extremely clean work environments such as food processing and pharmaceuticals.
turntable - ADM-ROT series
Supplier news
05/05/09 - ADM Packaging Technology offer a range of standard and custom made inclined conveyors, turn tables and rotary accumulation tables to meet the needs for in-feed and out-feed handling of bagged products

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