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Abdex Industries manufactures their hose fittings and adaptors with grade 316 Stainless Steel
Abdex Industries
Abdex Industries' stainless steel hose fittings and adaptors are made from grade 316 stainless steel, making them ideal for mining, heavy lifting, beverages, water jetting and offshore applications.
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Abdex Industries is a leading supplier of thermoplastic hose assemblies and stainless steel fittings and adaptors. Whilst being relatively new in Australia, Abdex Industries is a long established hose manufacturer in Europe. All hoses can be cut and ...
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Stirlings Australia - Global Metals Distributor are suppliers of stainless steel and copper nickel products to industrial clients. The range of copper and stainless steel products that they manufacture include plates, tubes, valves and various fittings. Delivery ...
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At NEPEAN they’re proud to be Australia’s leading privately owned engineering, mining services and industrial manufacturing organization. They have unique capabilities to deliver high value, innovative and sustainable solutions for the world’s ...
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Stainless steel products
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25/03/10 - Stirlings Australia Global Metals Distributor, located in Perth, is a stockist distributor of stainless steel long, flat and fluid products and facilitator of value-added services.
Stainless steel Manway door.
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30/09/05 - STIRLING Stainless Steel stocks the largest range of top quality stainless steel Manway doors in Australia and offers them at lowest-market prices.
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05/08/05 - GRADE 2205 stainless steel products are now part of Stirling Stainless Steel’s stock list as the company responds to increasing market demands for 2205 stainless steel products. Grade 2205 S/S products were brought in to complement the company’s position ...
AMD blocked chute switch.
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22/08/03 - A&M Controls has released the new AMD 120 DIP blocked chute switch for applications on conveyors, elevators and drop chutes. The new stainless steel face flange also opens up applications for a level switch on slurry tanks in the mining, manufacturing ...

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