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EcoMesh attaches easily to any air conditioning unit
SBH Solutions Australia
Cost reductions using Natural Processes
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SBH Solutions specialises in finding economical solutions for semi-bulk handling, both in storage and transportation situations. Solutions available for dry goods, liquid and logistcs as well as custom built containers and accessories.
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Firecat Australia was established in 2002 and is an Australian owned company that specialises in the design and production of fire sprinkler systems that can installed in homes and aged and child care centres.
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Accutech specialise in fluid flow simulation software which includes pipe network analysis, slurry flow, water hammer software, heat transfer software, instrumentation, pumping design, gas flow software and natural gas simulation.
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Firecat domestic sprinkler systems available from Firecat Home Fire Sprinkler Systems (SA)
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11/02/11 - The Firecat domestic sprinkler systems, available from Firecat Home Fire Sprinkler Systems (SA), have been designed to operate through connection to households existing water supply.
Software for fluid flow design, simulation and analysis from Accutech
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10/09/07 - FluidFlow3 is Accutech state-of-the-art program for the simulation of liquid, gas and non-Newtonian/slurry flows in pipe networks.
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02/04/07 - Accutech specialises in the marketing and support of fluid and process flow simulation software.

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