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SprayDry Nozzles provide high performance with an increased wear life & simple assembly
Spraying Systems Co.
Well constructed tank wash products designed to make tank cleaning more efficient
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Australian company, with an extensive range of liquid and air-nozzles - inclusive of our designs. We supply spray nozzles, air nozzles, hose reels, mixers, pressure wash, cip products etc. We supply innovative designs for applications in cooling, dust ...
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Saurin Group of Companies comprises three independent divisions; Technologies group, Longwarry Food Park and Research and Development. Our Longwarry Food Park provides Contract Spray Drying and offers facilities to Food manufacturers, ...
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The world's leader in spray technology, Spraying Systems Co. designs and manufactures spray nozzles, air control nozzles, tank washers, accessories, spray systems and controls, and fabricated products such as spray headers and lances. Spray analysis, ...
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Supply cleaning guns for both high and low pressure.
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WhirlJet SprayDry spray drying nozzles
Supplier news
07/10/11 - The WhirlJet SprayDry Nozzle is a large orifice nozzle and produces a hollow cone spray pattern with uniform drop distribution to ensure consistent particle size and reduce product wastage.
CIPable baghouses
Supplier news
26/01/07 - Saurin manufactures a range of CIPable baghouses for food industry.
Designed for long residence time and gentle product treatment.
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20/06/05 - SAURIN has released spray dryers for the cosmetics industry. They are suitable for drying high-value, low-volume products. The SL 20 is the smallest spray dryer in the range, capable of 3kg/h of evapo
Suitable for high-value, low volume products.
Supplier news
16/06/04 - SAURIN has released a range of spray dryers designed for the nutraceutical industry. They are suitable for high-value, low-volume products.
Spray analysis and research
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15/06/04 - IN food, pharmaceutical and many other industries, spraying and spray-drying stages are critical in obtaining required quality levels. IN developing new products and production processes, the scaling up of spray results obtained from the laboratory, ...
Saurin spray dryer.
Supplier news
17/03/04 - SAURIN has released a range of Spray dryers for the flavour industry. They are designed for drying flavours and colours. They treat the product gently and retain high levels of flavour.

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