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EcoMesh attaches easily to any air conditioning unit
SBH Solutions Australia
Cost reductions using Natural Processes
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SBH Solutions specialises in finding economical solutions for semi-bulk handling, both in storage and transportation situations. Solutions available for dry goods, liquid and logistcs as well as custom built containers and accessories.
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Australian proven sprayer and sprinkler system for rural, residential and commercial bushfire proection
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Trade and non-trade digital scales for forklifts and loaders
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20/10/10 - The innovative DELTA 341 spray control systems deliver a comprehensive flow or pressure based sprayer control system to meet the requirements of most farming applications.
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03/07/08 - Bushfire Pro is a sprinkler system developed by Bushfire Alleviation Systems suitable for domestic, residential and commercial bushfire protection applications.
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25/03/08 - Bushfire Pro is a sprinkler or sprayer system for residential, rural and commercial bushfire protection.
Mini pressure sprayer
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21/02/07 - Australian Warehouse Distributors have released Mini pressure sprayer of part no. GS635.
AutoJet programmed spray system.
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12/05/04 - SPRAYING Systems has released the AutoJet programmed, modular spray system. It is suited to moistening, lubricating, marking, disinfecting, and coating applications required by food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics industries.

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