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Spill control - portable bunds
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17/11/09 - There is more to spill control than just cleaning up spills. The most effective method of reducing the risks associated with spills is to ensure that all liquids are stored, decanted and transported around the work site in a safe manner.
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16/11/09 - The Tank Trap from Spill Control Systems is ideal for containing fluids on relatively smooth surfaces.
The Oil and Oil Based Pac
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13/11/09 - The Oil and Oil Based Pac from Spill Control Systems is ideal for instant response to oil spill containment emergenices.
Spill Pac Battery Kit from Spill Control Systems
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12/11/09 - The Battery Pac from Spill Control Systems is designed specifically to be first response and control for common battery acid leaks and spills.
Oil kits from Spill Control Systems
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11/11/09 - The Spill Pac oil kit, available from Spill Control Systems, can be used to remove fuel, hydraulic fluids and other oils from the open water, the bilge, or when refueling.
Spill Kit Spill Pacs
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04/11/09 - These new Spill Pac Spill Kits are vacuum packed and sealed against all weather conditions; if it’s not open then it doesn’t need servicing.
Spill containment kits from Enware Australia
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02/11/09 - Portable Enpac SpillPal spill containment units from Enare Australia are being used to ensure worker safety and environmental management on a major dam development project being delivered in the ACT.
Hazchem containment kit
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08/10/09 - Medium budget Hazchem spill containment kits are 120 litre wheelie bin spill kits that are suitable for most chemicals, and are available from Prenco Environmental Spill Control.
 New FAST-ACT improves mine safety by rapidly neutralising hydrofluoric acid
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01/10/09 - Hydrofluoric acid (HF) – widely used in resources, industrial and laboratory processes - is an extremely corrosive liquid and a contact poison.
Spill Station
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18/09/09 - In order to be able to better service the needs of their customers, Spill Station Australia opened a branch office in Victoria last year and more recently in Queensland.
ANDAX Spillpac spill kits
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24/08/09 - ANDAX Spillpac spill kits, available from Spill Control Systems, feature a vacuum seal to protect the contents from sunlight, moisture, vermin, fungus, rubbish and pilfering.
Spill Control Systems One Piece Bund
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21/08/09 - The Spill Control Systems One Piece XR-5 is the strongest portable bund they make; it is also a very quick portable bunding solution.

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