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Optimum Handling Solutions
Optimum Handling Solutions supply specialised solutions that are designed to eliminate hand lifting when loading and unloading palletised goods. These equipment and materials include scissor lift tables, fork stackers, stretch wrapping equipment, racking ...
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Ecospill is an Australian owned company helping local business meet environmental obligations. They produce a large range of environmental safety products, including Spill Kits, Sorbents, Absorbents, Drum Containment Systems, Spill ...
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Seton Australia specialise in workplace safety products. With over 30,000 solutions on offer, Seton carries the largest selection of products with no compromise on quality. Seton specialises in industrial signs and safety products, particularly concentrating ...
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CI Agent is a non toxic, non hazardous, non corrosive, non carcinogenic environmentally friendly petroleum based blend of polymers, used to immobilize petroleum and related petrochemical emergency releases on land and water.
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General Mat Company is one of Australia's largest matting distributors. The range includes entrance matting, ergonomic matting, anti-fatigue matting, static, high voltage, economy, modular, safety and non-slip matting.  General ...
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BSM spill control mats prevent moisture from coming into contact with the floor
Supplier news
31/03/11 - BSM spill control mats from Seton Australia have been engineered to absorb oil, water and mild chemical solutions, providing a reliable solution for preventing spills reaching floor surfaces.
Hydrocarbon spill containment blankets
Supplier news
08/10/10 - CI Agent Solutions offers an affordable solution for hydrocarbon spill containment applications in sandy subsoil with a range of side-walled polyvinyl blankets.
Agent-X geotextiles
Supplier news
07/10/10 - Agent-X from CI Agent Solutions is constructed from two layers of geotextiles with unique polymers embedded between the layers, and has been designed for use in hydrocarbon filtration applications.

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