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Sound Absorption Materials

Developed with soundproof doors and other features to suit your requirements
Flexshield offer enclosures that absorb sound for added safety as well as the annoyance factor in machines and can be custom built.
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Flexshield manufacture, install and supply a range of equipment for industrial noise control and soundproofing. Products include generators, acoustic enclusers, acoustic panels, louvres and doors. A consulting and design service is available to clients, ...
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Crest Electronics supply sound and vision accessories such as switches, power adaptors, power boards, cables and more.
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Soundblock™ Solutions can quickly and effectively minimise any noise problem from your everyday life. Representing all major Australian manufacturers of acoustic products, Soundblock™ offers a complete range of sound insulation and noise ...
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Sound Stop sound proof screens
Supplier news
20/10/09 - Available from Flexshield, Sound Stop sound proof screens are increasingly being used in industry as an effective and versatile solution to noise issues.
Acoustic and sound proof doors available from Flexshield
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07/10/09 - Flexshield has been manufacturing sound proof door sets for a variety of technical applications since 1994.
Acoustic absorbent panel
Supplier news
10/04/09 - Flexshield clean room acoustic absorbent panels are designed to provide supplemental sound absorption, which is required for a good sound environment in clean rooms or any other area with stringent hygiene requirements. These types of areas are normally ...
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27/11/08 - Insulation plays a critical role in noise reduction, reverberation control and thermal control in both domestic and commercial properties.
Double Glazed Door by Soundblock Solutions
Supplier news
25/11/08 - Soundblock Solutions Magnetic Window Soundproofing System works by installing a PVC sub frame on the inside of the window. This double glazing system improves noise reduction.

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