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Solar Radiation Sensors

For long term installation under adverse environments
Campbell Scientific Aust
Campbell Scientific have a variety of Weather, Water and Industrial Sensors to suit any requirement and are suited for harsh environments.
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Thermocouples and RTD probes, T/C cable, DP hydrostatic.
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ESIS - Your one-stop source for industrial electronic solutions. Esis is an industrial electronics company in Australia supplying a wide range of electronic products for use in industry, business, government, research, defence, health and education. ...
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NL-Tec specialises in Laser systems for Applications in Radiation Oncology. NL-Tec also provides solutions to Alignment and Positioning problems in industries including medical,industrial, beauty. NL-TEC distribute smoke evacuation products. NL-TEC ...
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Environdata are the Australian weather station specialists who can provide expert advice based on more than 23 years experience designing and manufacturing weather stations.
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Campbell Scientific Australia Pty Ltd was formed in early 1993 to provide high quality data acquisition systems, data loggers, weather stations, sensors, peripherals, tripods, towers, enclosures, power supplies, sensor mounts, external data storage and ...
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Automatic Weather Stations
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03/12/10 - Automatic Weather Stations from ESIS make a number of weather measurements including air temperature, humidity and barometric pressure.
SR10 Series Solar Radiation Sensors
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11/05/10 - The SR10 Series Solar Radiation Sensors are general purpose items with cosine correction.
The  ULT JUMBO Filtertrolley 2.0
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07/10/08 - The ULT JUMBO Filtertrolley 2.0, available from NL-Tec, takes in air-borne hazardous substances directly from where they originate and filters them.
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16/04/08 - McVan Instruments provides a range of hi-tech scientific instruments which include solar radiation sensors, heat flow sensors, turbidity measurement systems, surface tension meters and so on.

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