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Soil Moisture Probes

Soil Moisture Systems
Campbell Scientific Aust
Campbell’s Hydrosense Soil Moisture System is small, simple to use and shows accurate measurements of moisture found in soil.
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entek is helping irrigators throughout Australia and around the world to use water far more efficiently. Sales of soil moisture probes through Sentek's Australian distributors have covered almost every irrigated region and cropping system.
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Thermocouples and RTD probes, T/C cable, DP hydrostatic.
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Campbell Scientific Australia Pty Ltd was formed in early 1993 to provide high quality data acquisition systems, data loggers, weather stations, sensors, peripherals, tripods, towers, enclosures, power supplies, sensor mounts, external data storage and ...
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Instrotech specialises in process control and industrial electronic equipment. We deliver a proven range of instruments to suit analogue, serial, parallel, speed, counting, flow, temperature, pressure, level and weighing applications.
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The soil moisture probe used by Hydrosense II systems has been designed to allow for easy insertion and removal from soils
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18/04/12 - The Hydrosense II CD660 portable soil moisture sensor system has been designed by Campbell Scientific Aust to upgrade and replace the company's original Hydrosense soil moisture system.

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