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Single Disc Couplings

Zero-Max has been an industry leading manufacturer of power transmission components for over 50 years. CD Couplings, ServoClass Coupling, Schmidt Couplings, ETP Shaft Bushings, Phas-Lok & Torque Limiters, Roh'llx Linear Actuators, Crown Right Angles ...
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Australian Pulley Manufacturers offer pulley systems including pulleys, couplings, bushes, vertical borers, cnc machines, boring and keyway cutting and general machining. Services include machining of couplings and pump components.
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Chain & Drives was established to become a leader in the Power Transmission industry. To complement our range of products, we offer initial concept design of your project and specialized requirements, utilizing our 3D drafting and modelling systems. ...
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PT Link Systems is a leading Australian specialist supplier of quality Linear Actuation, Media Transfer and Power Transmission equipment. Our product offering includes Linear Actuators, Screw Jacks, Electric Cylinders, Ball Screws, Acme Screws, Rotary ...
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Available in eighteen sizes with torque ratings from 0.5Nm to 100Nm.
Supplier news
19/07/05 - THE Zero-Max line of Servo Class couplings includes single-disc SD and double-disc SC models. Both styles are designed to meet precision positioning requirements and high reverse-load characteristics.

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